Flight Announcement System, FIDS and Mobile Notifications


SimpleWAY provides innovative Unified Passenger Information Systems for travel hubs with a focus on airports. Our product portfolio covers not only automated voice announcements - SimpleVOX, but it follows the passenger's journey to and from the airport. Besides SimpleVOX - voice, passengers receive information about their flights through information displays - SimpleVUE and on their mobile devices - SimpleCUE.All SimpleWAY features, user interfaces and the system logic - simply the whole system - were developed with a substantial contribution from airport and airline professionals. The SimpleWAY team can prove that they are familiar with airport processes and that they understand the needs of the system users - the agents, handling personnel, and others.more

SimpleVOX - Natural Voice for Automated Announcements

SimpleVOX is the "voice of an airport". It is the system that is capable of speaking several languages and delivering a variety of announcements through the public address system to the passengers waiting for up-to-date information. The system has two main goals: to increase passenger service quality, and to increase the speed of standard airport processes.

SimpleVOX is connected to various data sources and follows all events at the airport. Based on the data, the system continuously generates related announcements and makes them instantly available through several dedicated user interfaces.

SimpleVOX is more than just a voice generator. It can also serve as the integration layer between different PA system zones or systems. It allows dynamic call routing between individual PA subsystems via Cobranet etc.

SimpleVUE - Flight Information Display System (FIDS)

SimpleVUE is the "face of an airport". It is the system that is capable to visually present and deliver a range of flight information. It is the system which manages all the displays spread through the airports and shows the visual content to the passengers waiting for up-to-date information. SimpleVUE also offers innovative features such as visual paging (the text of the currently played voice announcement is displayed on the information panel) or map navigation (displays a map with the path to a defined location).As the system was developed with the compliance of up-to-date IT technologies, it offers advanced scripting and scheduling of the content to users. Grouping of the physical screens is the logic part of the screen's management. In the context of SimpleVUE, the groups can also have the priorities and the system allows managing virtual groups. As the whole system shares one platform, then the screens groups are linked to the PA zones to reflect the airport systems complexity from one user interface.

SimpleCUE - Mobile Communication Platform

SimpleWAY mobile platform enables multi-channel delivery of the same content to all kind of devices. Passengers with iOS or Android devices can download native applications on the respective platform at the application marketplace to get notified directly by the applications.

Passengers with devices equipped just with basic Internet browsers, such as older Blackberry and Nokia devices can access up-to-date information on the airport web microsite. The microsite provides almost identical features as the native applications and is fine tuned to display perfectly across a large variety of mobile devices. Passengers with even older mobile devices can subscribe to receive notifications by SMS, MMS or e-mail.

Passengers can subscribe for notifications by several access points:

  • Selecting flight in iOS/Android application
  • Filling form on airport web page
  • Sending request SMS in defined format.

SimpleCUE platform also offers notification type / channel selection to the user.less


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