Green and Efficient Baggage Handling

Siemens AG

For airports and airlines, Siemens has become a leading supplier of packages and overall solutions. Siemens is a reliable and capable partner for all airport processes between landing and take-off. As an integrated supplier, Siemens provides innovative answers to airport operating companies for optimizing all aspects of their operations for more efficiency - including saving energy and reducing CO2.

Siemens' holistic approach, which closely examines all airport processes, reveals optimization potential and integrates and implements solutions, has a huge effect. An airport therefore becomes more attractive for passengers, airlines and service partners, as well as for the region and local industry.more

Having an eye for the big picture is both a challenge and an opportunity. On the one hand, an airport is a transport hub for goods and passengers at which a number of logistic channels come together. Siemens is familiar with the complexity of such structures, right down to the last detail.

On the other hand, the fact that these logistic channels intersect offers the chance not only to look at each process individually, but to connect operations, thereby significantly increasing efficiency. Airport logistics in particular has huge achievement potential. When tapped into, this can help to reduce the CO2 footprint and shorten waiting and loading times.

Fast, Reliable Baggage and Cargo-Handling Systems

When it comes to the fast and accurate transportation of baggage, parcels and other goods, Siemens can call on know-how acquired over many years in the field of postal automation and the logistics expertise of its mobility division. Statistics clearly show just how successfully Siemens deploys its experience at airports: the high-speed tray system used in Siemens conveyor systems achieves speeds of up to 12 m/s and can handle 56,500 pieces of baggage per hour - the Siemens systems at the airports in Madrid, Dubai and Beijing are prime examples.

The latest development in the baggage sector is the Sibag Cross, which is based on Siemens' crossbelt tray conveyor system. It combines the safe transport of a tray with the handover precision of a cross belt.

Energy-efficient Airport Building Technology

Siemens' commitment in the field of building technology and energy management benefits airport visitors, employees and also airport finances. The Siemens heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions use only as much energy as is absolutely necessary. Siemens consultants work together with operators to optimize consumption throughout the areas of highest energy usage.

Automated Airport Integration Systems

Business and leisure travellers alike expect top-quality services. Solutions such as the Siemens Passenger Services Suites deliver services at the highest level, from online check-in, parking and information systems to biometrically supported identity and order control or the self-service check-in kiosk with fully or semi-automated baggage checks. All this is backed up by Siemens Maintenance and I&C Operation Services, which make for consistent service quality.

Throughout the entire system, IT solutions such as the Siemens Airport Integration Platform ensure that the necessary exchange of information is handled in the fastest and most flexible manner, while the Siemens Airport Security & Operation Center handles the data quickly and securely in the background.

Using this data, together with flight, resource and passenger data, the airport management can obtain a continuously updated view of the current status of the airport at any time.

Siemens sees the big picture - from baggage and cargo handling, via flexible IT infrastructures to energy management. Making your airport green and efficient.less


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