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Established in 1981 Si ATM produces Air Traffic Management (ATM) tools and systems. The Swedish firm has extensive knowledge in this area due to participation in ATCAS and TERCAS systems.

Initially Si ATM worked mainly as consultants for the Swedish CAA working on Air Traffic Management projects. Launching an in-house ATM system concept in 1993 allowed systems to be upgraded to the highest performing levels without dramatic changes at any stage.more

Air Traffic Management Systems and Simulation

Si ATM provide in-house Air Traffic Management systems and supply consultants to any related user-oriented and mission critical ATM projects. Si ATM has upgraded many ATM systems working in Swedish, Latvian and Russian CAAs and provides ATC / ATM Simulation.

ATC / ATM System: En Route (ACC), Approach (APP) and Tower Control (TWR)

Si ATMSys is an Air Traffic Control System built to support operations for En-route (ACC), approach (APP) and Tower (TWR) control. The SI ATM system design allows it to be configured for different size ATC systems.

Si ATMSys has an efficient HMI to support editing, browsing queue handling with support for complex search criteria for the flight data assistants.

The system is windows driven and suitable for multi monitor setup. Adapted to Eurocontrol stripless HMI recommendations with extensive use of label and list interaction.

Stand Alone Surveillance Data Process System for ACC, APP and TWR

The stand alone surveillance data process system is built to support ACC, APP and TWR. Launched as an advanced subsystem in 1999 to the the SI ATMsys. So it shares the same characteristics of the Si ATMsys meaning it can be configured for many different ATC systems.

Air Traffic Control – Simulation and Operational

The Si ATM ATC simulator (SI ATCSim) was created to train personnel tailored for each client’s individual requirements and provides radar training.

The ATC simulator provides input in formats as if provided by radar systems, flight plan data and has time controls allowing the simulator to be paused, rewound and have any point of the simulation recreated. The system also provides individual data and voice recording.

There is a navigation function which will create aircraft movements based on realistic data. Navigational commands it simulates are SIDs, STARs, landing, holding and missed approach.

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