The LGS System


After electronics, computing and robotics, laser telemetry makes its entry into the world of security, able to offer new solutions. The LGS system, an innovative concept, is synonymous with efficiency, reliability and productivity and is wholly suited to the new stakes of the security market.

The LGS system can be used as the sole means of surveillance for a specific zone or can be used to protect large sites. In harbour sites, the system can detect any approach by naval corridor and can protect storage yards. In airport sites, the LGS system can be used for the protection of stationary planes on runways.

security-dedicated technology

Whether the protected area is fixed or mobile, the LGS system is the first security-dedicated technology offering so many different fields of applications.

For further information about our LGS System, please see our article from last March.

For the first time, Seris was present at the “SICUR” exhibition in Madrid from 24th to 27th February 2004 and presented the LGS System which achieved a great success. This new experience on the international market was rich in new contacts.

“SICUR” exhibition in Madrid

Seris will be present at the International Exhibition for Land and Land-air Defence in Paris from 14th to 18th June 2004.

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