Military Perimeter Defence Systems


Senstar provide secure perimeter protection for military installations, serving land, air and sea forces around the world. This includes advanced perimeter defense for command and control stations; air bases; deployed operations; surveillance posts; C4I facilities; missile defence systems; weapons and ammunition storage; aircraft maintenance and parking locations.

Intelligent perimeter defense systems from Senstar will enhanced the effectiveness of on-location guards and security forces. You can be sure that Senstar's solutions will secure the highest risk installations, using a combination of fence, barrier, above ground and buried sensors, that integrate with CCTV and alarm systems, all of which are operated through a reliable digital interface.more

  • Military Base Security
  • Buried Perimeter Sensors
  • Microwave-Based Intrusion Detection
  • Fence and Wall Mounted Sensors
  • Security Monitoring and Management

Fence-Mounted Intrusion Detection


FlexZone™ is a ranging fence-mounted sensor. FlexZone detects and locates any attempt to cut, climb or otherwise break through the fence. It accurately locates intrusions even when there are multiple simultaneous intrusions and in the presence of background environmental noise.

FlexZone can detect and locate perimeter intrusions over a distance of up to 600 metres (1,968 feet) per sensor processor, and within 3 meters (or 10 feet) of accuracy. One processor can support up to 60 distinct, customizable zones. Both power and data can run over the sensor cables, minimizing infrastructure requirements


Senstar's FiberPatrol is an advanced fiber optic intrusion detection system for fence and and dataline protection. Featuring cut immunity, FiberPatrol provides up to 16 km (10 mi) of protection when used in perimeter applications.

FiberPatrol can detect multiple intrusions, does not require outdoor electronics and has exceptional EMI and lightning immunity. The system is easy to install and can operate. Its resilient design allows detection to continue right up to the point of a cut in the sensor cable. When installed in a redundant configuration, FiberPatrol‑PR protects the full perimeter even after a cable cut.

Perimeter Wire

Barrier Sensors - Taut Wire

Senstar's taut perimeter wire improves your intrusion detection capabilities and prevents unauthorized access. The intrusion barrier systems is suitable for all environments and has a high rate of success. To enhance your system, Senstar also supplies decorative fence barriers with built in fiber optic sensors, that are perfectly suited for sites where high security is a priority.

The taut wire itself is embedded with smart sensors, connected to a central post that contains an array of electromagnetic sensors, able to detect movement such as climbing, cutting or attempting to force a hole in the fence. Senstar's perimeter wire benefits from a very high immunity rate, so will not be prone to false alarms that waste time and military resources.

Buried Perimeter Sensors


For the most covert protection Senstar offer OmniTrax, a series of buried perimeter sensors that detect intruders, without them even knowing of the system's existence. The sensors operate from beneath the ground, emitting an invisible radar field. As the intruder enters the field, the alarm is raised and security forces are informed of the their location.

Deployed as a virtual fence system, the solution is completely hidden and extremely difficult to defeat. OmniTrax is suitable for installation as a concealed detection layer, working in combination with other perimeter protection technologies. The cable sensors are so robust that they can be buried in most surfaces. Sensors can be installed as stand-alone units or networked for full perimeter protection. For what OmniTrax delivers, it is one of the industry's most cost effective solutions, using fewer sensor processors across longer lengths of cable.less


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