SLC 110 Ultra Lightweight Military Headset

Sennheiser Government Systems

The SLC 110 provides clear electronic communications, hearing protection, and situational awareness via passive talk-through for continuous communications in without drawing any power.

Noise protection and comfort are provided by user selectable earplug and concha tips that lock the headset in place. Situational awareness is enhanced by opening an acoustic port that bypasses the attenuation of the earplug, yet provides impulse noise suppression.

With the port open, impulse and gun-blast noise is attenuated using a non-linear acoustic filter that passes low intensity sound with a small loss, but attenuates short-duration high intensity sound by up to 30 dB.

The SLC 110 is designed for combat activity and is compatible with combat helmets and soldier equipment. The SLC 110 is an integral component of the Bundeswehr's IDZ Program (Infantryman of the Future).

SLC 110 Ultra Lightweight Military Headset

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