Military Hearing Protection Solutions

Sennheiser Government Systems

SGS is the military solutions provider of the global Sennheiser company. SGS leverages 60+years of Sennheiser innovation in electro-acoustic (audio) delivery and hearing protection for the harsh, high noise environment of the modern operational military.

The added stress that noise creates reduces response time and leads to confused communications. Studies have shown that exposure to high noise is not only confusing, but can lead to negative physiological symptoms and even loss of visual acuity, potentially disastrous in a battlefield environment.more

Military Hearing Protection

Sennheiser is well known to audiologists for high fidelity diagnosis equipment, to audiophiles for the finest stereo listening headsets available, and to professional pilots as the leading supplier of light weight active noise reduction headsets. SGS has brought those audio capabilities to the high-noise military market in the following forms.

The WACH 900 infantry headset is designed to defeat the noise of the battlefield and light tracked or wheeled ground vehicles. Active noise reduction, clarity of communication, stereo talk-through for situational awareness, and intelligent battery power for dis-mounted operations are included in this light weight, under helmet headset.

The SLC 110 light weight, in-ear passive infantry headset provides clear communications, hearing protection, and talk-through situational awareness at the lightest weight and lowest power possible. The SLC 110 weighs about 1 oz on the head, and draws no power.

The Sennheiser line of aviation / communication headsets is unequalled in breadth and quality. Circumaural, supra-aural and open headset designs provide users in environments from high noise turbo-prop airplanes to communications field stations with long term comfort, exceptional attenuation performance, and certified quality / reliability.

Sennheiser is developing the next generation of communications and hearing protection systems. Performance, flexibility, lightweight, compact, low power systems will enable clear communications with each element of the networked fighting unit of the future. We are developing audio processing which will change the way audio is used in military communications and provide break-through levels of situational awareness without complex displays or computing platforms. For more information, please contact Sennheiser Government Systems.less


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