Security Foiling Limited Announces a New Service for UK Printers

Security Foiling Ltd

Hologram Application Service - Security Foiling Limited has announced a new hologram application service for UK Printers.

Utilising our own range of hologram application equipment we have offered in-house hologram application to 'key account' customers for the past 3 years. We have now opened the service to all UK printers looking to outsource hologram application print work.

Our hologram applicators are capable of processing hot stamping applications at up to 6000 impressions per hour on many substrates including A4 sheet, sprocket-fed paper and ISO standard size PVC cards.

Already over 3 million security features have been applied over various applications including:

  • Cheques - university certificates - labels
  • Tickets- loyalty cards/coupons - id cards

Hologram Application Service

The security features available with Security Foiling's hologram application service include holograms, scratch-off foils and signature panels plus more. Holograms are used in registered or wallpaper format.

When registered, up to 15 images can be applied per document with each image independently registered before being applied to the substrate. We can also tailor for applications requiring embossing and/or de-bossing.

The hologram application service currently has a capacity of up to 1 million impressions per month. For free quotations contact Security Foiling now.

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