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Secure Site (UK) are national void property specialists, our approach to vacant property security is instant effective and tailored to your individual needs.

Whatever the problem Secure Site (UK) have the solution, with a range of specialist services including, building boarding up using steel security screens and high security steel entry doors, car park and land blocking with our easily deployable concrete barriers, site clearance of fly tipped rubbish including hazardous materials, eviction services of travellers and squatters from land property, and ongoing building inspection and security patrols to satisfy insurance requirements.more

When tailoring a security solution Secure Site (UK) understands that no two properties are the same and will recommend any one of a range of security measures to manage the risk.

Secure Site UK provides national security solutions to local property problems.

Squatter Eviction

When a property has been occupied by squatters or when travellers trespass on open land, removal of these people is not only extremely costly but can very inconvenient and time consuming.

Often acting in an extremely antisocial manner, their behaviour can be threatening, often harassing neighbours, acting inconsiderately and with little regard for the law. This does however not need to be the case, as landowners have the right under common law, to legally evict trespassers from private land.

As your squatter eviction agent, SecureSiteUK can act on behalf of the landowner operating within the law, using our network of registered bailiffs, to effectively regain possession of your land or property.

Our swift action will ensure that damage to the property is minimised, that fly tipping and general waste build up is reduced.

With our many years experience in this area we have developed a range of complimentary services that can combat and reduce the risk of further occupation, including:

  • Concrete Barriers, land blocking systems
  • Security screening & boarding up
  • Temporary fencing systems
  • Mobile patrols
  • Waste clearance

Site Clearance Service

When a property has been vacated by squatters or land has been used by travellers it is not uncommon for a build up of waste to occur in some cases this can include hazardous materials.

This can include human and animal waste, drug use paraphernalia, asbestos, chemicals, car tyres, and fridges. We are licensed by the Environment Agency to clear and transfer waste and offer a total site clearance service and sanitisation service, to ensure that will ensure that your property is safe for your contractors and staff.

Our site clearance approach is proactive and we provide a range of services to combat fly tipping and illegal waste disposal, including concrete barriers and fencing systems, which dramatically reduce the risk of reoccurrence.

Concrete Barriers

Car parks and open land which are unused for any length time can become a target for fly-tippers and travellers alike, both causing extreme inconvenience as well as involving considerable cost to resolve.

As part of our total security solution Secure Site UK has available an interlocking concrete barrier blocking system. The (TVCBS) Temporary Vertical Concrete Barrier System, this land blocking solution can be installed swiftly and can provide complete perimeter protection; or just block vulnerable areas.

The concrete barrier system also meets the requirement for carriage way protection and can be used as a temporary solution where the segregation of lanes is required or to protect pedestrians.

With the Secure Site UK concrete barrier blocking system installed, boundary protection could not be simpler, with swift delivery; at risk areas can be protected in a matter of hours.

Empty Property Security

Once land or property becomes vacant obtaining insurance cannot generally be obtained without regular property inspections.

Secure Site UK has a dedicated national empty property security team of mobile property inspectors, who make regular documented inspections of vacant property providing compliance with insurer's requirements.

Many insurers also have a requirement that properties that are going to be void for any length of time, be closed down to minimise risk, requirements differ depending on the insurers but generally these would include checking security of windows and doors, removing combustible materials, turning off non essential services and draining down heating systems and water supplies.

Our initial inspection will provide a fully documented closure program, detailing all aspects and can also include property structure checks and utility service meter readings.

The building inspection patrols give the property an actively managed appearance and an on going presence at the property enables a regular reporting process to take place, identifying issues before they become problems and enabling a pro active response.

Void Property Boarding Up

Void properties are under constant threat of illegal entry by squatters who can be extremely costly to evict, not to mention the additional risk of vandalism and arson which can threaten the value of your investment.

Secure Site (UK) does not recommend timber window boarding as it highly combustible and can be used to initiate arson attacks, not to mention the insubstantial nature of the boarding which degrades over time.

Prefabricated galvanised steel security screens are the natural choice to give maximum security and have been designed with the property owner in mind.

Secure Site (UK) has a choice of direct mount screens which are intended for pre-demolition refurbishment properties which are installed using a anti tamper fixing or as an alternative we have a framed screen system which avoids the use of security fixings. Either screen system can be provided in perforated steel which will allow plenty of light in to aid viewing and to ventilate the property.

To compliment this we have a range of high security retro fit steel security doors complete with twin Chubb 5 Lever mortice locking system which can be installed in place of or in addition to the existing door to enable access. For ease of use we can provide multiple doors keyed alike.

In addition as key holders Secure Site UK can also act as an escort to accompany contractors, agents and visitors wishing to visit the property.less


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    Initially specialising in the electronic security industry, Shaun went on to run a large regional manned guarding company and has now brought all his experiences together to specialise in the protection of vacant properties and void land.

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