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SciTech Publishing (an imprint of the IET) produces references and textbooks for national defense spanning Radar, RF & Microwave Engineering, Electronic Warfare, Communications and related electrical engineering disciplines. Our content ranges from fundamentals and timeless principles for students and training to practical applied engineering for professionals in research laboratories, defense contracting, and the military.SciTech is the publisher of the world's most widely used radar reference and textbook, Introduction to Airborne Radarmore

, by George W. Stimson (new edition published May 2014) as well as many other text-references used worldwide for training.
  • Stimson's Introduction to Airborne Radar, 3rd Edition (2014)
  • Radar and Electronic Warfare Principles for the Non-Specialist, 4th Edition (2014)
  • Microwave & RF Design: A Systems Approach, 2nd Edition (2013)
  • Principles of Modern Radar: Radar Applications (2014)
  • Principles of Modern Radar: Advanced Techniques (2013)
  • Principles of Modern Radar: Basic Principles (2010)


Published in 1998, Introduction to Airborne Radar, 2nd Edition (by George Stimson) became the most used radar training tool for military and homeland defense. Now completely updated with modern technology and adding a full section on Electronic Warfare, Stimson's Introduction to Airborne Radar, 3rd Edition (edited by Hugh Griffiths, Christopher Baker, Dave Adamy) contains extensive fundamental materials and practical applications, using visual system exemplars to aid explanations. It completely covers the wide range of techniques used in modern airborne and space borne radars without going overboard on the math. Virtually anyone with knowledge of high school algebra, trigonometry, and physics will be able to read and absorb the vast majority of the material. The unique full color layout is enhanced with an immense number of illustrations, figures, tables, and color photographs.

  • Completely covers the wide range of techniques employed in modern airborne and space borne radars.
  • Fulfills the needs of those who want to learn about radar, regardless of their technical background.
  • Fundamentals are applicable to ground-based radar as well.
  • Clear, understandable writing supplemented by extensive graphic illustration of concepts and offset boxes taking those concepts to higher levels.
  • New sections in this edition: Electronic Warfare; Special/Advanced Topics.

Community Publishing

SciTech Publishing is unique in its use of volunteer experts from around the world to provide critique of its text references during the publication process. From the very first book proposal, to technical review of chapters, to overall qualitative/quantitative discussions, the radar community has played an immense role in the publication of both Stimson's Introduction to Airborne Radar, 3rd Edition and the three-volume set of Principles of Modern Radar with over 250 experts taking part. This matchless process ensures that our text-references are of the highest quality, having been "approved" by working engineers, academics, and military personnel. SciTech also invites further critique of our books after publication and continually corrects any errors in reprinting.

Top Experts

Our authors are consistently recognized as leaders in their fields and many conduct training courses for engineers, technicians, and personnel of all experience levels. The Principles of Modern Radar series is spawned from courses and written by instructors from the world renowned Georgia Tech Research Institute. Hugh Griffiths, one of the editors of Stimson's Introduction to Airborne Radar, 3rd Edition is a Fellow of the IEEE, the IET and the Royal Academy of Engineering. He also recently won the prestigious AF Harvey prize from the Institution of Engineering and Technology. Michael Steer, author of Microwave & RF Design: A Systems Approach, 2nd Edition was given the "Commander's Award for Public Service" by the United States Army for his work on jamming cell-phone signals for remote detonated IED's. He also has won the 2010 Microwave Prize and the 2011 Distinguished Educator Award from the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society.

SciTech and the IET

SciTech Publishing was founded in the late 90's and quickly established itself as a quality publisher of electrical engineering references. In 2012, SciTech merged with the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) resulting in one of the largest collections of radar, sonar, and navigation content available anywhere. Discounts are available for training and books can be supplied anywhere in the world.less


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