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ScheBo Biotech

ScheBo Biotech UK Limited belongs to ScheBo Biotech AG. The rapidly growing high-tech parent company is dedicated to the development, production and worldwide distribution of innovative tests for human and veterinary diagnostics, as well as food safety.

In medical diagnostics, ScheBo Biotech is well-known for the Pancreatic Elastase 1 Stool Test ('faecal elastase'), which is rapidly becoming recognised as the "gold standard" of non-invasive pancreatic function tests. Recent guidelines produced by the British Society of Gastroenterology, and Association of Clinical Biochemist members, recommend this convenient, non-invasive, direct test of pancreatic exocrine function as "the test of first choice in patients who present with diarrhoea of putative pancreatic origin".

Highly specific monoclonal antibodies to human pancreatic elastase 1 enable quantitative determination using a single pea-sized stool sample, obviating lengthy urine or 72-hour stool collections. The development of the innovative Quick-Prep tubes has made sample preparation for the test considerably faster and more pleasant.

The ScheBo M2-PK Test is an innovative tumour marker, that measures the dimeric isoform of pyruvate kinase. The ScheBo Tumor M2-PK EDTA-Plasma Test assists monitoring the efficacy of therapy, patient follow-up and diagnosis in a wide range of different cancers, including gastrointestinal, breast, lung and urological tumours.

New and encouraging results from clinical studies with the non-invasive ScheBo Tumor M2-PK Stool Test, which is independent of occult blood, show high sensitivity combined with high specificity in colorectal cancer screening.

Further information on these tests, and on the Brainostic test in food safety and Canine Pancreatic Elastase test can be found on the company website.


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