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Exilica is a university spin-out company that obtained its first funding in 2007. Exilica is a supplier of dry-liquid blends, which are liquid actives supported on solid porous particles, for use in plastics, liquid polymers and rubbers. Exilica also undertakes research and development projects with customers to create bespoke dry-liquid additives for a range of market sectors. Dry-liquid additives can contain a whole range of liquid actives including fragrances, lubricants, detergents, anti-bacterial agents and natural oils. Dry-liquid additives are supplied as powders that are added to thermoplastics, liquid polymers and rubbers without affecting the physical properties of the product.Recent product developments that are perfectly suited to the packaging market are:more


The Scentile range of dry-liquid blends are used to add fragrance to solid articles and thin films including liquid polymers, rubber and commercial thermoplastics.

Scentile can incorporate any fragrance, whoever certain types are easier to implement than others.

It is supplied as a white powder that doesn't need pre-compounding, and can be mixed with plastic pellets prior to injection at a loading level of 2% or below, however higher mixing levels are sometimes required for rubber and liquid polymer applications.


Nat-scentile is a product range that includes the incorporation of natural oils into dry-liquid blends. The reasons for doing this primarily focus on the smell of specific natural oils although other properties are useful as well.

This product range gives customers a ‘natural’ option if synthetic fragrances do not fit with their own product profile.


Chem-scentile is the product name given to a dry-liquid blend that includes any other chemical liquid containing the desired functionality, other than fragrance or that which is given by a natural oil, the customer wishes to impart to their product.

Each product is custom made to the clients specific requirements.To discuss your additive needs please contact Exilica using the form below.less


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Exilica Limited
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