Suppliers of Bird Scaring Products Ltd was formed by its current owner, Charles Tweedie, in February 1992. Ltd has more than 17 years experience in designing and manufacturing electronic audible and ultrasonic bird deterrents and wind powered visual birdscarers for use throughout the world in many applications.

These include;more

  • protecting airport runways against bird strikes and deterring birds from aircraft hangars.
  • industrial applications protecting the roofs of factories, warehousing, and distribution depots and loading bays against pigeons and seagulls
  • oil and gas industry in the Middle East, North Sea and Canada
  • assisting construction companies by deterring birds from nesting prior to construction work
  • landfill sites and waste recycling plants
  • electricity and telecommunications companies and water companies
  • many agricultural applications worldwide.

We sell our products worldwide, and for airport use we have sold nearly 1200 systems for use at many airports throughout China, 17 systems to Bulgaria and also to Armenia and Nepal.

The main products for use on airports are;

  • Wailer Mk6 - Fully programmable deterrent bird scarer, which can be fitted with extra slave speakers and protects up to 12 hectares with a unique rotational sweeping movement of constantly changing sounds at distress call frequencies.
  • Runwayler - Suitable for use on airport runway patrol vehicles to prevent bird strike.
  • Birdbuzzer - Suitable for use around hangars and airport buildings with ultrasonic output which can convert to audible at the flick of a switch.
  • Flashing Hawkeye - Suitable as a constantly moving visual deterrent for use on outlying areas or during construction.

Electronic Bird Scarers

The Importance of Variety

Having a variety of different methods is the name of the game for deterring birds and preventing bird strikes claims Ltd MD Charles Tweedie. The importance of ringing the changes is central to the company’s philosophy and their range of audible electronic bird scarers and ultrasonic bird deterrent devices provide a constantly changing pattern of sounds around the different Wailer systems which consist of a master unit with satellite speaker units which serve to both expand the area of coverage or focus on specific areas but also to create a sensation of movement of sound which the birds do not like. Extra variety is also available with their wind powered Flashing Hawkeye with mirrors which provides an effective visual bird deterrent for outlying areas.

Visual Bird Deterrents

Visual bird deterrents, particularly if they are constantly moving, have a valuable role to play in deterring birds from outlying areas of land or as a roof mounted deterrent. Such is the wind powered Flashing Hawkeye with mirrors which consists of an aerofoil board with predator’s eyes which spins in the lightest of winds and which surmounts a multi-angled mirror which provides powerful flashes of reflected light from the sun, moon or any other source. This can be seen at distances far beyond the range of any electronic deterrent and discourages birds from the area in the first place. This is also available with a special roof mounting bracket for use at higher elevation. The Flashing Hawkeye has also proved to be an effective visual bird deterrent whilst construction works are in progress.

Ultrasonic Bird Deterrents Ltd has fully programmable ultrasonic bird deterrents systems which can be combined with audible output which helps to create the variety in bird scaring techniques which is so essential in order to deter birds near runways and prevent bird strikes. The Wailer Mk6 system which provides an easily portable system for deployment on the grass areas adjacent to runways consists of a master unit with four built-in speakers and up to eight slave units on long cables which emit 90 different combinations of ultrasonic and audible sounds and with the sound switching from speaker to speaker so as to create an impression of movement.’s range of ultrasonic bird deterrents also include the Birdbuzzer which is ideal for use in and around airport hangars where people are working as it emits ultrasonic frequencies most of the time but can be quickly changed to audible at the flick of a switch.less


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