Light Weight Vehicle Ballistic, Mine and IED Protection

Scanfiber Composites AS

Innovative force protection products are sought and offered by many countries around the world, and Danish company Scanfiber Composites A/S is specialised in the development and manufacturing of light weight armour based on advanced fibre composites.The company is providing lightweight ballistic protection solutions on military (army, navy and air force) operations in various theatres of combat.

Ballistic Protection for Civilian usemore

Scanfiber also provide solutions for ballistic protection in civilian use and has references from a wide range of projects going from police, Special Forces, UN relief organisations and many others.

Ballistic Blanket with Integrated Shock Absorbing Materials

One of Scanfibers new and innovative products Scanshock, a registered product, offers protection against fragments and shrapnel from anti-personnel mines, while simultaneously reducing the impact on body parts on the troops inside a vehicle. Former Lieutenant Commander Jann Richard Jensen, sales manager force protection at the company, explains: “Scanshock is a ballistic blanket with integrated special Shock-absorbing material, installed in the bottom of vehicles, to prevent bones being splintered and pulverised.”

Vehicle Mine Blast Protection using Advanced Fibre Composites

The requirement followed an incident where a soldier was injured in a mine blast. Initially the product was procured for retrofitting in light vehicles. Talks are now ongoing to supply Scanshock for heavier vehicles as well. “The customers needed protection for older soft skinned vehicles (little or non protection). The requirement is escalating,” says Jensen. Several European countries are considering retro fitting Scanshock in their vehicles in the near future. As an example, a Land Cruiser kit covers 7 sqm of the vehicle interior for ballistics, and approximately 2m to 5 sqm depending on vehicle size, for impact absorption. In this example the total weight including the shockabsorbing material rises from 65 kg, for the ballistic blanket alone, to approximately 75 kg for the whole vehicle.

Ballistic, LandMine, IED and Light Ammunition Protection

Meanwhile, Scanfiber is also rolling out another new registered product, the Scantex Ballistic Multi Bag. It is designed to brake or stop IED, hand grenade and landmine fragments, as well as handgun ammunition. It is effectively an individual protection system that can be carried around as body armour or to protect items stored inside, used as a sleeping bag, or even adapted to carry Scanshock material and used as a mobile seat cover in armoured vehicles. It is due to go into service this autumn, while talks are ongoing with several military customers for further procurements of the Scantex Ballistic Multi Bag.less


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