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Scandinavian Micro Systems

For more than a quarter century, Scandinavian Micro Systems has built a reputation as a leading provider of navigation instruments and guest information systems for the maritime industry.

ScanRepeater Navigation Instruments and ScanDisplay Guest Information Systems are known world-wide as quality products.

We provide special systems and solutions for Navy & Coast Guard Ships, Cruise Ships, Yachts,more

River Cruisers, Casino Cruisers and Ferries & Fast Ferries.

Navigation Instruments - ScanRepeater

Scandinavian Micro Systems is a leading provider of navigation instruments & interface solutions for Commercial Ships and Navy Vessels.We offer a range of standard products, spare parts, service and repair. For stock items we can normally ship the same day if we receive your order before noon our local time.

To request pricing and availability, please contact us.

SR01 Heading Repeaters (Digital Gyro Repeaters)

New Generation Heading Repeaters

SR01-02 New Generation Heading Repeater with Rate of Turn displayincorporating 30 years of experience with units such as LR22 and LR40.

Note: LR40 and LR60 are still in production.

SR01 Heading Repeaters (Digital Gyro Repeaters)

SR02 Optical Bearing Devices

Optical Bearing Devices with interface to ECDIS and Radar

The SR02-01 Optical Bearing Device (OBD) interfaces to ECDIS and Radar and provides an independent method for position control and calibration.

SR02-01 connects to the ship’s Gyrocompass and outputs true and relative bearing with time stamp on NMEA format to the ECDIS, Radar and other onboard navigation computers. The SR02-01 displays a real-time optical bearing line in the radar display.

SR02-01 Optical Bearing Device

Universal NMEA to Step / Synchro Converter Unit

Save Time and Money when you need to exchange your old gyrocompass.

Model SR03-01Mk2 When replacing your old gyrocompass, add SR03-01Mk2 and there is no need to buy new repeaters, reconfigure or replace ARPA Radars, Autopilots, etc.

In addition you will save time on installation and cabling.

SR03-01Mk2 to Step / Synchro Converter Unit

SR04 Synchro Converter Systems

Save Time and Money when you need to replace your old Ship’s Inertial Navigation System

SR04 is a range of instruments designed for Navy Application, converting digital serial data signals to Roll, Pitch and Heading data to Synchro signals.

SR04 Serial Data to Synchro Converter Systems

Guest Information Systems - ScanDisplay

With ScanDisplay® Guest Information Systems you can provide real-time information to your guests and crew about the Cruise, with Maps and Navigation details and much more...

We provide continuous “Looping” TV programming or interactive “On-Demand” program capabilities.

Fleet Operation Tools - ScanDisplay

ScanDisplay®FleetOperation™ … software tools for the marine industry.

The ScanDisplay®FleetPortal™ties together all of our ScanDisplay®systems and software tools, giving you instant view of all ship itineraries and position as well as all future itineraries for each ship in your fleet.

ScanDisplay®FleetPlanner™is a software tool for Itinerary Planning and Cost Analysis. You can quickly create and simulate itineraries to decide on the best and most cost efficient route and schedule.

ScanDisplay®FleetMonitor™is a web-based tool for monitoring your Fleet Operation, giving you instant access to view the location of your entire fleet as well as the current position and itinerary of each ship.


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