SOFT (SARSYS Surface Opel Friction Tester)

SARSYS SOFT Friction Tester

The SOFT (SARSYS Surface Opel Friction Tester) is friction measurement system built into a Opel Mokka, Buick Encore, Vauxhall Mokka, Chevrolet Trax, Holden Trax. The system offers reliable measurements for taxiways, runways and highways and uses a measuring wheel linked to a rear main wheel.

As with the SVFT, SFTT, the STMC computer system monitors the friction sensor and computes the friction number, friction coefficient and the relationship between the vertical and horizontal forces acting on the wheel. The STMC computer is preconfigured to provide standardised measurements accruing to FAA and ICAO requirements. Results may be displayed on the integrated colour screen, printed onto paper or passed for further analysis by PC or radio-link.

The SOFT features a water tank for approx 7 000 meters of friction measurement on a single tank of water. The vehicle has the capacity to allow additional systems and equipment to be installed for runway inspection and other applications.

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