SARSYS Trailer Airport Friction Testers

Scandinavian Airport and Road Systems - ASFT (SARSYS-ASFT)

The SARSYS Trailer Friction Tester enables accurate, repeatable measurements of surface friction on taxiways, runways, highways and roads.

SARSYS Trailer Airport Friction Tester

Sarsys Trailer Friction Tester

The SARSYS Trailer airport friction tester features the SARSYS Single Transmission system, which also appears in the SARSYS Volkswagen Transporter and SAAB 9-5 Wagon Friction Tester and in the standard SARSYS Friction tester. The system conforms to all FAA and ICAO requirements for maintenance and operational use.

The STFT SARSYS Trailer Friction Tester system contains a measuring wheel, linked to the right-hand wheel of the trailer. The measuring wheel is not designed to track the runway surface freely. Instead, it is intended to slip in a predictable fashion. The system measures forces acting on the measuring wheel and feeds the data to the STMC measuring computer system (Windows based with touch screen function)

Measuring Computer System

Sarsys' measuring computer system is built around a Windows-based touchscreen laptop (CF-19) offering a large amount of data storage This laptop handles all friction data and is responsible for evaluating, presenting, storing and transmitting data. The laptop can transmit data via a wireless or wired connection as required.

Self Watering System

The Sarsys Trailer Friction Tester features a built-in self-watering system (560 liter), enabling friction measurements to be determined for wet runways and roads, whilst eliminating the need for additional water tanks in the vehicle towing it. The unit is fully self-contained, avoiding the need for hoses and cabling from the towing vehicle.

Sarsys Trailer Friction Tester Features

• Designed to meet all FAA and ICAO specifications
• Integrated water tank (560 liter) for maintenance evaluation
• Endorsed by the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority
• CE Certified according to the Machine Directive
• All measurements, analysis, presentation and transfer of data based on a single touchscreen laptop PC
• Trailer frame made from non-corrosive stainless steel

For full details, please see the Sarsys Trailer Friction Tester brochure.

Friction Measuring Systems

Volvo V70/XC70

Sarsys provide a choice of friction measuring systems based on identical friction testing principles and a similar set of components.  The STFT is a self-contained friction testing trailer for easy mounting to a host vehicle.

It enables precise, repeatable measurement of surface friction on roads, taxiways, highways and runways with an extended operational lifetime. Sarsys friction testers are also available integrated into a Volvo V70/XC70 and Volkswagen Transporter as a comfortable, highly manoeuvrable friction measurement solution removing the requirement for a separate trailer. The integrated system can be quickly deployed, returning runway friction data within minutes.

TRACR-II Software

SARSYS also offer sophisticated data management and analysis software developed by Tradewind Scientific Ltd. to complement their range of friction testing equipment. The FTVIEW program retrieves friction data from the SARSYS Trailer, SARSYS V70/XC70 or SARSYS Volkswagen Transporter Friction Tester, generate charts and produce data file summaries.

AIMView software offers a suite of tools for airport inspection management and TRACR II systems provide an overview of the airport with a range of zoom levels for flexible airfield condition reporting.

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