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Scandinavian Airport and Road Systems - ASFT (SARSYS-ASFT)

SARSYS (Scandinavian Airport and Road Systems) develop and supply airport friction measurement systems. Established in the 1970s, SARSYS have developed a range of specialist friction testing equipment including the SFT (SARSYS Friction Tester), SVFT (SARSYS Volvo Friction Tester), SARSYS Surface Friction Tester Transporter and STFT (SARSYS Trailer Friction Tester) . These are some of the most sophisticated, cutting edge systems in the industry.

SARSYS offer an exceptional service level and stock the widest range of spares of any friction testing specialist, ensuring ongoing, effective performance.

SVFT (SARSYS Surface Volvo Friction Tester)

The SVFT (Sarsys Surface Volvo Friction Tester) is a friction testing system installed in a Volvo V70 for friction measurement on runways, highways and taxiways. The SVFT features a measuring wheel linked to a main rear wheel on the base vehicle. Friction on the surface of the runway produces changing forces on the measurement wheel, which are continuously recorded by electronic sensors. Recorded data from the sensors is analysed by the friction tester's computer.

From these measurements, the SFT computer monitors the friction number and friction coefficient, and analyses the relationship between the vertical and horizontal components of the force on the measuring system. The SVFT computer has been built to FAA and ICAO regulations and standards, and has been preconfigured for measurement and recording of runway Friction.

The output for the SVFT may be printed onto paper, displayed in graphical form on the full colour screen or passed on by PC or radio-link for further analysis.

The system has achieved the following certification:

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Approval
  • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Approval
  • Swedish Transport Agency / Civil Aviation Authority approval
  • CE certification and Approval (2006 / 42 / EC)

STFT (SARSYS Surface Trailer Friction Tester)

The STFT (SARSYS Surface Trailer Friction Tester) features an integrated friction testing system with an identical structure to that found in the SFT (SARSYS Friction Tester).

The SARSYS Surface Trailer Friction Tester is a durable solution constructed from acid-proof stainless steel with a 560 litre water tank offering a measuring distance of 7000 meters.

No additional installations are required to perform wet friction measurements, as this is a standard procedure for the STFT. The trailer axle features a rubber torsion suspension to improve the life-span of the instrument and reduce maintenance costs.

The STFT has been thoroughly tested, and has achieved:

  • Swedish Civil Aviation Authority Approval
  • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Approval
  • Swedish National Road and Research Institute Approval
  • CE certification and Approval (2006 / 42 / EC)
  • Federal Aviation administration (FAA) Approval
  • CAP 683 Approval

SFTT (SARSYS Surface Friction Tester Transporter)

The SFTT (SARSYS Surface Friction Tester Transporter) is friction measurement system built into a Volkswagen Transporter van. The system offers reliable measurements for taxiways, runways and highways and uses a measuring wheel linked to a rear main wheel.

As with the SVFT, the STMC computer system monitors the friction sensor and computes the friction number, friction coefficient and the relationship between the vertical and horizontal forces acting on the wheel. The STMC computer is preconfigured to provide standardised measurements accruing to FAA and ICAO requirements. Results may be displayed on the integrated colour screen, printed onto paper or passed for further analysis by PC or radio-link.

The SFTT features an expanded water tank for 10,000 meters of friction measurement on a single tank of water. The vehicle has the capacity to allow additional systems and equipment to be installed for runway inspection and other applications.

The SFTT system has been thoroughly tested, and has gained:

  • FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) approval
  • Approval by the Swedish Transport Agency and Swedish Civil Aviation Authority
  • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Approval
  • Swedish National Road and Research Institute Approval

Friction Measurement Computer

The SVFT, STFT an SFTT systems feature an STMC (Friction Measurement Computer) with specifications as described below:

  • Preamplifier
  • Wired or Wireless connection
  • Touchscreen laptop
  • Windows computer
  • All-in-one computer

The touchscreen friction measurement computer manipulates the sensor signals and controls the measurement functions according to pre-configured measurement parameters. The STMC can be operated via its inbuilt touchscreen and buttons, or (for the SFT) via keys embedded in the steering wheel. The whole measuring procedure can therefore be carried out without the driver needing to move from the wheel. The display is usually mounted near the driver for safe, easy operation whilst the vehicle is in motion.

FAO / ICAO Friction Measurements

The computers built into the SFTT, SVFT and STFT systems are preconfigured according to FAO/ICAO friction measurement requirements and metering modes.

To meet ICAO requirements for friction measurement, the systems perform a full measurement procedure in each direction on each side of the centre line. The runway is split into thirds and an average friction value is calculated (across both runs) for each 1/3 of the runway.

To meet FAA requirements, measurement speed is plotted onto a diagram and average friction can be computed over a user-specified distance.


SARSYS' TSense next-gen sensor technology features:

  • GPS tracking
  • ambient & surface temperature
  • humidity & dew point
  • database-backed
  • searchable

Core Functionality

TSense fuses all inspection vehicle sensors-GPS, ambient/surface temperature, humidity/dewpoint, and continuous & spot friction devices-and logs the collected information to an industry-standard database for later analysis.

Visit the website or contact SARSYS for further information.


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