Carton Erection and Tamper Evident Closing Systems


SAVOYE manufacture innovative carton erection and carton closing systems for use in pick and pack distribution processes within the B2B & B2C sectors.

JIVARO and PAC600 systems remove the requirement for expensive protective void fill materials through innovative design, reduce both corrugated and labour costs and reduce shipping volumes by up to 30% helping to improve the environment by putting less trucks on the road.more

Typical distribution sector users are in, but not limited to:

  • Books
  • E-Business
  • Apparel
  • Multi – Media
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Electronics etc………

A ROI of approx 18 months is achievable when selecting the SAVOYE JIVARO or PAC 600 systems

Jivaro End of Line Carton Closing System

JIVARO the new packing technology by SAVOYE is a fully automated carton closing system for despatch cartons to B2B or B2C customers.

The height of the carton is automatically cut down to the contents fill height and the excess corrugated used to secure the product safely for transit.

Finally a lid is applied using hot melt glue providing a strong, secure tamper evident carton for despatch, which if required can easily be used by the recipient for a goods return process.

The system can be used with taped or glued cartons and in manual or automated order picking systems

Helova Air Bag Insertion System

The innovative HELOVA machine produces and inserts automatically a single bespoke air bag into a picked carton.

As each individual carton enters the machine a profile of it’s contents is taken by an array of photo-electric cells.

The HELOVA then calculates the size and pressure of the airbag required to fill the void in the carton and automatically inflates and inserts one bag to provide the ultimate air bag protection system for the products.

The machine can either be used as a module in front of the JIVARO carton closing system or stand alone prior to a carton tape sealer.

PAC600 Carton Erection and Closing System

The PAC600 is the complete solution for those who require the best in despatch packing quality whilst negating the need for void fill materials. The produced corrugated carton is 3 piece with a base, sleeve and lid.

Two pieces of film are automatically inserted into the carton during the erection process. Once product is picked into the carton the film is placed over it and passed through a shrink tunnel to secure the product in position. The carton then has a lid automatically applied to it and is ready for despatch in a strong tamper evident carton.less


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