Sample Management System


SampleNavigator is a specialist supplier of sample management systems with laboratory track and trace, rapid sample retrieval and data capture to meet all regulatory requirements for validated research.

SampleNavigator software can be used independently or linked to your existing Laboratory Information Management System for additional flexibility.

SampleNavigator offer a range of products and capabilities including:more

  • Sample Track and Trace
  • Clinical Studies Support
  • Validated Sample Storage
  • Regulatory Documentation
  • Integration with Laboratory Systems
  • Workflow and Process Automation
  • Laboratory Sample Security
  • Automated Laboratory labelling

Sample Management System

The SampleNavigator sample management system supports intuitive data entry for full track and trace capabilities for laboratory applications. The system provides a comprehensive, standardised and efficient solution for sample data storage, retrieval, capture and handling to help you meet all regulatory requirements and guarantee high standards of research. This also allows you to standardise operations across a laboratory, or across all your laboratory facilities.

With SampleNavigator, you can automate your laboratory workflow and processes, generate regulatory documentation and experimental reports and easily annotate research data to accelerate both product development and regulatory approval. The software is highly configurable for flexible operation in a range of laboratory applications.

Laboratory Workflow Automation

SampleNavigator, used in conjunction with Microsoft Visio, enables users to define workflows for their laboratory operations. Workflows are created in Microsoft Visio and accessed via Sample Navigator, which allows each user to view only those processes that they are authorised to perform.

The Visio files include both software-executed work processes performed by the software and manual work processes to be performed by the user and processes executed without user involvement such as receipt of HL7 messages.

Computer controlled actions include those requiring the direct involvement of the user such as sample scanning and data insertion. Some of these processes can then move automatically to the next step in the process, while others requiring further approval or initiation from the user. With SampleNavigator, each stage of a workflow can be defined via an intuitive interface with arrows connecting each action to the next.

Sample Data Storage and Labelling

With SampleNavigator, users can keep all their freezers in a single location but define 'Storage Types' to divide them by organisation and research structure. This offers savings on maintenance, electricity and space.

SampleNavigator promotes a consistent, ordered process for picking and storing samples so users can maintain the quality of their samples by limiting the number of occasions on which each freezer must be opened.

Users can allocate individual freezers, or define storage capacity for specific drawers and locations within a freezer.

SampleNavigator can be used to track maintenance and freezer temperatures. It can also store additional information on each sample including custom attributes, and can automate the creation of labels and sample lists. With SampleNavigator, label printing is simply another stage in the work process, which can be scheduled in your workflows for optimal efficiency.less


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