Insulated Plastic Tubs, Containers and Pallets


PE and PUR Insulated Plastic Tubs, Containers and Pallets

Saeplast is one of the world's leading manufacturers of multi-purpose, rotational-moulded insulated plastic containers, tubs, totes, boxes, protein recovery and mollusc purifying systems for packaging in a vast array of applications, along with an innovative range of hard-wearing plastic pallets and buggies. We can also offer custom mouldings utilising our experience at the forefront of the rotational-moulding industry.more

Robust PUR and PE Insulated Plastic Food Containers

Significantly less prone to cracking than conventional tubs and easily repaired if damage does occur; all Saeplast tubs share the same features of durability, robust construction, and resistance to corrosion. At the same time, rounded edges and surfaces ensure optimum washdown, ready access from all sides, and easy stacking and handling. When less weight and a higher insulation factor are the prime requirements, Saeplast PUR containers are the solution of choice, featuring:

  • Double-walled polyethylene construction
  • Polyurethane insulated – high insulation factor
  • Robust – long-lasting
  • Convenient to use – easy to stack and handle
  • Optimum hygiene – EU/FDA-approved food-grade materials

Multi-Purpose PE and PUR Tubs and Containers

Saeplast tubs vary in size from 50l to 1,400l and the company's innovative range of Euro-size containers has become increasingly popular in recent years. Saeplast tubs and containers come in two main types, polyethylene (PE) insulated and polyurethane (PUR) insulated. The range includes:

  • Carts and buggies
  • Defrosting containers
  • Non-insulated containers
  • Insulated containers
  • Protein recovery containers
  • Live transport containers
  • On-board handling containers
  • Transport containers

Specialist Containers for Poultry, Fish and Aquaculture Products

Saeplast also manufactures a range of specialised containers, such as the highly innovative Saeplast 700 l PUR mollusc purifying container, the only insulated container of its kind on the market today and used in the storage and purification of live mussels, oysters, clams and other shellfish, and the Saeplast Protein Recovery System, a secure way of dealing with poultry mortalities.

Frost Resistant Tubs

No matter the type chosen, Saeplast tubs are frost-resistant, while their use as the container of choice in climates ranging from the Arctic to the tropics and in freezing plants around the world has more than demonstrated their ability to withstand wide extremes of temperature and temperature fluctuations.

PE Flat-Top and Raised-Lip Pallets

Flexible in design, hard-wearing and easy to clean, Saeplast pallets represent an ideal replacement for wooden pallets. Easily handled by pallet jack or forklift, Saeplast pallets come in flat-top or raised-lip versions, and include features such as an imprinted serial number for easy product identification, four-way forklift entry, easy stackability, and a non-skid rough surface (flat-top only) for added safety.

RFID Containers for Traceability and Real-Time Tracking

In addition, many models come available with a range of standard or optional accessories, such as a matching lid, drain-hole plugs, built in-hoist grips, fork-life entries, and implanted Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags to meet ever-increasing demands for product traceability and real-time tracking. Many Saeplast tubs are available with ATP certification, and most can also be ordered in a wide range of customised colours and owner livery. And when they come to the end of their working life, disposal is not a problem as most Saeplast tubs are also recyclable.

Worldwide Support

Founded in Iceland in 1984, Saeplast has pursued a policy of placing its production facilities as close as possible to its core markets. The company currently operates production and sales facilities in Canada, Holland, Iceland, Norway, Spain and India. These are backed up by regional sales offices in the UK, Hong Kong and Vietnam, and a global network of agents and distributors.less


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