Remote monitoring

Off-The-Grid IP Security & Automation System

Off-The-Grid IP Security & Automation System with 2G/3G/4G-LTE connectivity

Typical Applications of this solutions are:

  • Remote agricultural objects
  • Dangerous stretches of roads
  • Early forest fire detection
  • Remote infrastructure
  • Construction sites

The all active electronic parts are designed for harsh environments & extreme temperatures from −40C to +70C and have round the clock operation.


The available power from the PV panel and wind turbine enables the powering and battery charging using the inventive METEL power unit with MPPT. It automatically monitors the amount of the available power, distributes the power to the powered equipment and charges battery when possible. Operational information is available directly online.


The PLC of the IPLOG-G series provides 2G/3G/4G-LTE connectivity. Additionally, the entire communication is transferred via encrypted VPN. No static IP addresses are needed on remote sites.

Supervision & Remote Object Automation

Linux based PLC allows:

  • Process alarms for e.g. from sensors and cameras
  • Runs automation actions when an event occurs
  • Sends SMS alerts in the event of e.g. intrusions Video analytic software in cameras, IPLOG’s program and local storage reduces the cost of data connection. The web browser in a mobile, tablet or PC allows the user remotely to:
    • View current and recorded video
    • Control alarms, lights, speaker etc…
    • Remote upgrading of the system
    • Browse system logs

System Delivery

Basic assembly includes a IP66 lockable and a tampered steel cabinet, mounting brackets and a preinstalled PLC, power module, battery holder and circuit breakers for the solar PV, the wind turbine and the battery.

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