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RUAG is a major international technology group. Their core business is made up of five divisions including Space, Aviation, Technology, Defence and Ammotec providing a foundation for profitable international growth. RUAG’s production facilities are located in the home market of Switzerland, as well as in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Hungary and the US.

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Military Simulation and Training

RUAG offers total virtual military simulation and training solutions for the security and the armed forces. Virtual Simulation includes individual training solutions such as digital training, gunnery training, driver training and communication training systems.

In addition, RUAG offers crew training solutions such as turret team procedure, crew training for armoured vehicles and battle tanks, Howitzer crew training, forward observer and control centre training.

Live Military Simulation and Training includes individual training solutions such as vehicle-mounted gunnery and man-fired gunnery systems, as well as crew training solutions such as weapon crew, turret crew and area weapon training.

Actively managing the life cycles of complex systems such as communication, C2 and reconnaissance systems, RUAG applies IT expertise to system development, production and integration. Further core competencies lie in the integration of various components to create network-enabled command and control systems.

Military Aircraft Maintenance

RUAG services all military aircraft, helicopters and training aircraft for the Swiss Air Force and is offering the resulting expertise also to international customers. RUAG military aircraft maintenance includes repair, overhaul, engineering services and development of electronic counter measure systems. RUAG also provides comprehensive business and executive jet maintenance and system support services and develops subsystems, manufactures complex cable harnesses and performs avionics upgrades.

Military aircraft maintenance is delivered across platforms, for instance the Swiss F-5 Tiger and F/A-18 Hornet military aircraft, the Super Puma/Cougar helicopter and the EC 635 training and transport helicopter. Lifecycle support services for the Bell UH-1D helicopter and the Alpha Jet are provided at the Oberpfaffenhofen site in Germany. In addition, RUAG Aviation is the original equipment manufacturer of the Do 228 New Generation turboprop aircraft, an updated version of the classic Dornier 228.

Ammunition Manufacture

RUAG develops SWISS P rifle cartridges especially for snipers and precision shooters. RUAG ammunition provides exceptional precision, target effect and is available in calibres preferred by police, military and special unit snipers. In addition, ammunition manufacture by RUAG offers a wide range of ammunition for pistols and submachine guns of 9mm Luger calibre.

The group's SINTOX primer, free of heavy metals, and lead-free projectiles are leading technologies for environmentally friendly ammunitions manufacture. The current range of environmental ammunition incorporates the calibres 5.56 x 45mm - e.g. the GP90 for the Swiss Armed Forces or the popular 5.56 mm NATO ammunition and the 7.62 x 51mm as well as special ammunition in various calibres. Various products are NATO-qualified and feature low-pollution SINTOX® primer. Our classic HG 85 hand grenade is one of the most effective hand grenades in the world. Several NATO Armed Forces relay on our products covering the whole range from training to deployment. RUAG customized solutions for hand grenades meet the requirements of the modern battlefield.

Ballistic Protection for Military Vehicles

RUAG provides maintenance, support and ballistic protection for military vehicles. Their ballistic protection components are modular in design, enabling military personnel to quickly adapt vehicles in unpredictable and hostile environments. RUAG offers ballistic protection - roof, side, mine - for military vehicles against a various number of threats such as Cargo Ammunition, shaped charges ordonance, IED and mines. Thanks to RUAG's years of experience in the impact of weapons and ammunition manufacture, they are able to conceive innovative ballistic protection solutions through their dedicated Research and Development department.

Heavy Weapon Systems

Modular upgrades for the self propelled howitzer M 109 and the main battle tank Leopard 2 A4 which meet the demands of today's and future battle field. The BIGHORN mortar system is a rapidly deployable, autonomous system, which can be integrated, in tracked and wheeled light armoured vehicles. as well as the compact tank gun developed and produced by RUAG.

As the strategic technology partner to the Swiss Armed Forces, RUAG is a specialist in the modernization and maintenance of heavy weapon systems, market upgrades and combat value enhancement programmes internationally.less


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