Military Diver Propulsion Devices from ROTINOR


ROTINOR are recognized for their proven designs, manufacturing and training for Military Diver Propulsion Devices (DPD). In addition, the company are unique in that they integrate Jet Propulsion systems within their designs, providing more responsive and energy efficient technology. It is the combination of this high performance and awe-inspiring innovation that has driven ROTINOR's success, their products now fast becoming the premier choice for Special Forces in underwater operations globally.

Military Diver Propulsion Devices

ROTINOR’s Military Diver Propulsion Device is a streamline and lightweight submersible that can manoeuvre Special Forces and their equipment through waters swiftly and discretely. The DPDs are specifically designed to support divers across larger distances, reducing the time special forces are subject to open water; lowing fatigue, increasing endurance and extending the amount of time that can be spent in the mission zone.

Military Diver Propulsion Devices

Sporting a compact and highly reliable hydrodynamic design, ROTINOR's DPDs are suitable for both submerged and surface mobility. The equipment's patented Jetsteam technology enables the military diver propulsion devices to move much quicker and be more responsive than any previous designs. Furthermore, unlike other devices, ROTINOR's system can be launched from a full range of platforms, including surface, airdrop and submarine deployment.

The device's ergonomic shape and hydrodynamic design contributes to straightforward and intuitive control, delivering outstanding agility and manoeuvrability in water. The combat diver simply has to shift their body mass to position the vehicle with no input from steering panes, easing pressure on the operator so that they can focus on the task on hand. This particular element of ROTINOR's design has receive excellent feedback from divers.

Rugged Diver Propulsion Devices

Not only are ROTINOR's diver propulsion devices agile and responsive, they are also durable and rugged. The device's casing is crafted from a super-hard, high density plastic, which can withstand harsh impacts and extensive exposure to underwater currents.

The Drive Mechanism

ROTINOR’s patented electronic jetstream system combines a shielded jet channel impeller with a specialist electro-motor. The jetstream system operates using principles of water displacement, sucking the liquid in through the spinning impeller and pushing it out under high pressure into the jet channel. The thrust produced efficiently forces device forwards at high speed.

ROTINOR's military diver propulsion devices are also environmentally friendly, conserving energy for the most challenging missions and moving through environments without leaving a trace. The DPD motor is completely emission free, virtually silent and utterly reliable. Throw this in with the Jetstream system and the product is a drive mechanism with unmatched performance and power in the water.

DPD Engine

The unit has survived stringent testing, completing 10,000 hours of operation at maximum capacity. After these trails, the drive system showed no sign of breakdown or decrease in efficiency, proving how the motor's performance is not compromised by excessive time in the field.

Incredible efficient high energy Li-Ion Accumulators provide the energy for ROTINOR's DPD. This groundbreaking technology is specially designed and has a life cycle of around eighteen years. The accumulators are so efficient that they are currently also used in satellites orbiting the earth. Similar to the drive system, after extensive use (being charged two-thousand times) the accumulators show now signs of degradation.

Underwater Propulsion Vehicles

DPD Cockpit and Control

ROTINOR's military diver propulsion devices use the innovative Power Grip system to deliver additional control for the operator. The grips provide smooth control so that acceleration / deceleration can be applied subtlety and precisely. To accelerate, the diver applies pressure to the green sensor, while to slow down, pressure is applied to the red sensor. Letting go of the Power Grip will result in the device coming to halt.

Additional functions can be accessed from the cockpit, such as diving depth and power levels. These are useful for ensuring energy efficiency and that the DPD does not descend past a safe diving depth. The illuminated cockpit display is optimally placed in the diver's eye line, presenting technical information, including “remaining operating time”, “water temperature”, “diving depth”, “accumulator charge state”, “current time”, “sonar” and “navigation”.


ROTINOR's navigational tools are exceptionally precise and integrate seamlessly with the diver propulsion device to provide “digital object avoidance”, alerting divers to objects that could be obscured by murky water or low level light.

Using an innovative design and intuitive technology, ROTINOR's military diver propulsion devices are unsurpassed in performance, their ease of operation and long term reliability. Their systems are globally unrivalled and are prepared for a huge range of scenarios – they are undoubtably the best partner for underwater special forces missions.

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