ROTINOR Diver Propulsion Devices: Question and Answer Session


Q: What special considerations have you made in the design of your military Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPV) to ensure they will perform reliably in combat situations?
A: When ROTINOR GmbH was first established in 2004, it had the intension of introducing a professional, heavy duty and reliable DPV / DPD to the military and professional markets. It was decided that rather than enter the military market immediately it would first enter the recreational market and use that as a research and development program for the military and professional watercraft.

As we are aware most new products will always have small problems in the initial stages. By entering the recreational market first, this enabled us to eradicate any possible teething problems. It was imperative that we supply a highly reliable product to our military and professional customers where break downs could result in life and death situations. Before ROTINOR GmbH launched its professional range of military DPV / DPD at the DSEi in London in September 2009 its sister company CAYAGO AG manufactured and sold over 3000 DPV watercraft worldwide.

After gaining this valuable experience we are very confidant that our watercraft will perform extremely reliable in combat situations.

Diver Propulsion Device Capabilities

Diver Propulsion DeviceQ: What is the average operating time and distance?
A: Operating time and distance is very dependent on how much power you are asking the DPV / DPD to use. Our watercraft has 10 power levels (10% - 100%) allowing the operator to choose an appropriate speed for the conditions they find themselves in. Under normal circumstances, operating at a power level of 20% will attain a submerged comfortable cruise speed of 5.5 km/h / 2.9 knots. Operating at this power level and speed would allow for a seven hour operating time. Maximum operating distance for a ROTINOR military diver propulsion device is in excess of 40 km and maximum operating time is eight hours.

Q: Is there a maximum recommended weight limit for your DPVs?
A: Our DPV / DPD are the most powerful in the world and are the only ones powered by E-Jet Propulsion. Due to the immense power available we have Special Forces Units using are products to tow six fully equipped combat divers through a series of harness and belt systems. We have also recently launched a Hydrodynamic cargo container which attaches to the underside of our watercraft. This cargo container has a volume capacity of approximately 80 litres.

Li-Ion Diver Propulsion

Li-Ion Diver PropulsionQ: What is the expected life span of your DPVs?
A: Our DPV / DPD products are designed to last for many years. The most important component is no doubt the Li-Ion Accumulators which power our E-Jet Motor. These specially developed long lasting accumulators have a life cycle of approximately 18 years and are the same ones used in the earth orbiting satellites.

Q: Do your products require regular servicing to keep them in good working order?
A: This is where our products have a major benefit for the end user. Our DPV / DPD are virtually maintenance free. There is no daily, weekly or monthly maintenance required by the end user and after usage they must only wash with fresh water and recharge the accumulators. ROTINOR GmbH does provide annual maintenance where our highly skilled engineers will visit the end user to complete the required maintenance.

Q: Do you offer any product training for your customers?
A: All end users receive product training from our instructor team.

Q: Where can I buy your military DPVs?
A: ROTINOR GmbH manage direct sales and we have also established a worldwide network of professional distributors. By contacting ROTINOR GmbH we will supply the necessary purchase information.

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