Coding and Printing Systems Clinic

Rotech Machines Ltd

Rotech introduce the coding clinic offering advice on packaging printing systems and consumables

At Rotech we pride ourselves on sorting out tricky problems and over the years we’ve set many of our customers back on the straight and narrow when it comes to applying print to their packaging. We’re used to a phone call starting with “I don’t know if you can help me, but….” and enjoy the challenge of succeeding where others have failed.

Coding Consumables, Handling and Printing Systems

Be it a query about a coding consumable such as type or ribbon or one for a complete turnkey handling and printing system, our product and application knowledge allows us to offer the right solution at the right price and in an appropriate timeframe.

Some examples of this approach are:

  • Reducing code-reader rejects by changing the font and size of the coding type to improve legibility;
  • Coding and Printing Systems ClinicChanging the specification of thermal ribbon used on a print/apply labeller to improve bar code readability while reducing costs;
  • Supplying a multi-head hot foil installation for a fraction of the cost of any other technology;
  • Adapting an off-line feeding system to handle pouches with a “resealable” strip.

Having been doing this for a while, we thought we’d give it a name – the Rotech Remedy. Like all the best ideas, it’s remarkably simple and consists of three steps

Step 1. Define what the problem is.

Get close to it, visit the site if necessary and understand what’s going on.

Step 2. Find the solution

Conduct trials, document the results and come up with a final proposal.

Step 3. Implementation and Monitoring

Document the solution and ensure that everyone knows what to do to ensure continued success.

Take the first of our examples – the problem of code reader reject levels. We realised that the standard font being used did not have sufficient differences between characters such as a number “8” and a letter “B”. Sample characters were made in a new font and trials were conducted on site. The results were good, so we updated our records to ensure that anyone ordering type for this site would receive the new standard.

The next time your coding or marking equipment fails to deliver, why not give us a call or drop us an e-mail. You might find the cure is closer at hand than you at first thought.

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