Military Power Generation

Rolls-Royce Distributed Generation Systems

Tactical power systems are designed to meet the requirements of future expeditionary forces operating in harsh environments who need to be agile to enable rapid effects. This results in a need for all equipment to be optimised to be minimum mass, minimum volume and maximum efficiency (smallest possible logistics tail).

Furthermore military equipment is becoming increasingly sophisticated delivering far greater capability such as network centric warfare and advance weapons and protection systems. The unavoidable side effect is the increasing demand for mobile electrical power on the battlefield.

15kw and PMDS on a trailer - plus soldierMinimisation of the logistics footprint can be accomplished through the use of high speed, high frequency, and high-temperature power subsystems and components that lead to "operationally significant" reductions in fuel needs, weight, size and maintenance. Successful designs should improve mobility, deployability, and reliability, decrease theater footprint, and enable key operational capabilities throughout the battlespace by providing electricity to supported systems.

Using permanent magnet alternator technology, generators can operate at variable speed, digitally controlled to deliver high quality power within a compact package and are ideal for integration into C4ISR systems. Variable speed power generation offers significant saving in generator set size and mass while still utilizing traditional diesel engines.

FEPS assembly

FEPS and FEPDSCompact, lightweight equipment is achieved through effective design and does not compromise our power systems' ability to operate reliably and effectively under extreme temperature and environmental conditions, such as high temperature and altitude, withstanding shock, etc.

Generator control and monitoring equipment provides automatic start/stop, and parallel sequencing and synchronisation functions. Parameter surveillance, diagnostic routines and maintenance and repair schedules provide quick and accurate fault diagnosis and rectification, while data logging functions provide accurate in-service data feedback to inform appropriate engineering and logistics action.

Field Electrical Power Source (FEPS)

The FEPS fleet of highly mobile, trailer-mounted, diesel-powered generator is in service with the British Army, Royal Marines and Royal Air Force with a range of applications from communications system power to energy provision for field hospitals.

Small units - 4.5kWDesigned for worldwide operation in extreme temperatures and environments, the sets are compatible with other NATO and US Army generation and field electrical distribution equipment. Power ratings range from 12-40kWe, 1/3 phase at 50/60 Hz.

Generator sets incorporate 'stealth' type technology for improved counter-surveillance capability with very low acoustic, thermal and radar signatures, and are both rugged and reliable. In addition to signal reduction, the enclosure is designed to provide resistance to nuclear, chemical and biological contamination. The generator sets are operable either as a towed or vehicle flat-bed mounted system.

Wherever possible COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) components have been chosen to provide quality, reliability, maintainability and ease of logistic support, with low through-life costs.

Chinook with FEPS no trailer - small

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