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RMG C3 – a web-based platform

RMG C3 allows management and staff to work systematically through a special situation or assignment. The platform ensures that everybody is updated with sufficient information needed for the tasks related to a relevant incident or assignment.

What can RMG C3 help with you with – and what are the benefits?

*Helps with management, documentation/monitoring and control of related incidents in an organization. *Makes possible targeted and efficient communication *Is easy to use and the system can be built up in a simple way for it to reflect the way the organisation works *Can easily be set up so that other organisations/partners/customers/suppliers can send notifications, data, etc. directly to the system *Does not require any special IT qualifications in the organisation *Information is shared from RMG C3 via text messages, email, phone and as a notification in RMG C3 *You can access the system from a PC, an IPAD or a smart phone, which ensures communication in the company *Is web-based and can deal with several assignments simultaneously *Has an online log function that makes it possible to follow the most recent changes *Library function contains all assignments and plans *Supplies the user with quick information by means of a central access point to all information to which the individual has access *Ensures that focus remains on relevant events and assignmentsmore


RMG C3 is a sixth generation platform.

RMG C3 has been developed progressively since 2002 and for several industries. Airlines, airports, shipping companies, private industry and train operators – a total of more than 60,000 people – make use of the platform. In addition, it is applied by many Danish municipalities, regions, hospitals and the Danish Defence.  


RMG C3 Risk Management     Hard core Risk Management of projects or processes where it is important to have a plan if an unusual situation emerges. We focus here on when a normal situation changes into an unusual situation, and the aim is to make sure that the company returns quickly to its normal situation.

RMG Incident registration There is a need for simple incident registration with subsequent documentation, statistics, etc. We often see the platform applied for projects with a short duration. This may be, for instance, control of packet flows, troubleshooting in production setups and the like.

RMG C3 SOMS The Security Operations Management System is used when, for instance, a function, organisation or operation is set up, but is not permanent. The platform deals with all daily and operational procedures and sets of rules and gathers the adjustments and information streams that will always reach the management of such operations.


RMG C3 ERS is a progressive Emergency Response Plan solution allowing individual members of the Crisis Management Team to work systematically through known problems arising as a result of accidents – without being bound to one particular solution.less


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