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At Red Tulip Systems, our vision is to be the world's largest virtual mobile device (VMD) provider, delivering a secure and consistent work platform to governments and corporations. Our VMDs bring mobile communications, apps and data inside your existing security perimeter and leave no data at rest on the physical handheld device.

We are committed to addressing the specific needs of police and security service officers who need to maintain complete separation between their professional and personal lives. Our product, WorkFoneTMmore

, creates separate virtual mobile devices, hosted securely in the cloud and delivered in a single lightweight app on the physical device. Each virtual phone has its own phone number, operating system installation, apps, accounts, and unique identifiers. These virtual phones are always online and deliver notifications in real time, but defend against the increasingly aggressive collection of personal information about the user, including location, movement, and even identity-related data.  Key advantages fall into three categories as follows:

Private and Secure

  • No data is stored on the mobile device (no data 'at rest')
  • All data transmitted uses TLS v1.2 encryption (NSA Suite B) and is stored securely in the cloud or on customer premises, as required
  • All identities are strictly separated using cutting edge technology
  • Each identity is assigned its own mobile phone number with full voice and SMS functionality

Optimized Productivity

  • Only one physical handset to manage
  • A simple and familiar user interface. If you can use a phone, you can use WorkFone
  • Create, manage and disable identities on-demand
  • Access to all your professional identities in real-time, all the time
  • No new equipment to buy. Simply install WorkFone on your current iOS device

Increased Control

  • In the event of a lost or stolen mobile device, access can be disabled, even if the mobile device is offline
  • WorkFone management console enables users and administrators to easily manage phone use and spending
  • Identities can be shared with or reassigned to other users
  • Event logging enables detailed historical view of communications

Personal experience in this field drives everything that we do. We needed to communicate securely in real-time, to conduct more operations with fewer officers, and to maintain the pace of operations with decreasing budgets. We needed a solution that worked the way we worked, one that would bring our operations into the twenty-first century. And from working with our partners, we knew we weren’t the only ones. That’s why we created WorkFone.



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