Aircraft Frequency and Voltage Converters

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These units are very compact, high quality and competitively priced, providing the typical 115/200VAC requirement for aviation use. Input power selection can be fixed or automatic and operating status is indicated by meter/LED.

Aircraft Frequency And Voltage Converter
For 400Hz AC powered aircraft, the Red Box RBC6000M series can provide a range of frequency and voltage converters.

These units are in current use by NATO military and can be supplied in military or other colours to order. These units are typically used for ramp power of avionics, lighting, ventilation and climate control, kitchen and galley and technical and domestic servicing.

Aircraft Transformer Rectifier Units
When there is a requirement for 28.5V continuous power for heavy work on base, or for larger aircraft, Red Box provides transformer rectifier units, which can produce up to 600 amps continuously and 2,000 amps peak power for starting.

These units have aircraft plug voltage feedback control, ensuring that the correct voltage is delivered to the aircraft, no matter what the voltage drop is along the power delivery cable.

RBSC UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
These compact, lightweight units are capable of supplying 50, 100, 150 or 200 amps of power continuously at 28.5VDC for a range of applications from aircraft servicing to pre flight checks, computer loading, diagnostics, training and demonstration uses.

Aircraft Frequency And Voltage Converter
The RBSC series of lightweight, hand portable, high current 28VDC continuous power supply.

As standard they will produce a stable 28.5V up to the fully rated output current with power factor correction. The units can be used to charge any Red Box power system, which will be automatically controlled by the microprocessor system and can be left permanently connected.

Delivered as standard, these units are supplied with a 2m heavy-duty output lead fitted with a 3-pin NATO plug for direct aircraft connection, but extra extension and alternative format connections are available.

Man-Portable Ground Power Units (GPU)
Red Box man-portable ground power units (GPUs) and continuous power systems give the advantage of independent portable DC power for engine starting or technical support in remote locations or any situation where permanent power sources are just not available.

Our man portable GPUs are ruggedly built and capable of starting jet engines, battle tanks, marine diesels, trucks or heavy earth movers, or for occasional use providing DC power in maintenance shops or in the field. At Red Box we provide a range of units to suit all needs and operational requirements.

Ubiquitous throughout the aviation industry, each portable GPU is normally sold as a complete, ready for use system. Included is an electronic voltage controlled, cell matched charger and heavy-duty power cables with appropriate NATO 3-pin plugs or high-grade clips. Our wheeled units are supplied with integral (TC3000 series) or separate (TC400 series) 28V DC power supply/charger units.

Portable Continuous Power Units
Red Box manufactures a range of relatively lightweight, highly portable units capable of providing high quality DC continuous and start power or start power only.

The TC3000 series are combined continuous and start power units capable of supplying continuous power of 50, 100, 150 and 200 amps at 28VDC and up to 6,000 amps for start power.

Aircraft Frequency And Voltage Converter
TC3000A GPUs are specially designed for heavy-duty starting of turbine and turbo prop aircraft.

These units have a wide range of applications from supplying auxiliary power for servicing, pre flight checks, diagnostics, training or demonstrations to aircraft starting.

The TC400 series and designed for start power only, giving a maximum of 8,000 amps if required.

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