Red Box International Takes Hanger Space To New Heights

Red Box International

The AirLift is a remarkable piece of equipment that no busy or crowded hanger should be without. The AirLift is designed to elevate an aircraft off the ground enabling you to park two aircraft in one space. As well as being an excellent space saving device, it also enables you to easily access the underbelly of the aircraft for maintenance or cleaning. Additionally while parked in the lifted position, the aircraft is out of harms way from other aircraft in the hanger, meaning no bumps, scrapes or scratches.

The AirLift is capable of lifting most aircraft up to 1350kg (2980lbs) and is suitable for helicopters, nose wheel aircraft, tail wheel aircraft, being of high, mid and low wing configuration.

The Airlift is not fixed to the ground in anyway. Using the optional wheel kit available with the AirLift you can move and re-site the AirLift around the hanger with the minimum of fuss as circumstances change.

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