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Radnor is a UK-based organisation, discreetly located in a steep sided valley on the Welsh border, which provides complete testing, evaluation and training services at its multi-disciplinary complex.

It specialises in the testing of weapons ordnance, munitions and explosives, boasting a 50kg HT-1 limit and the ability to manufacture and prototype ballistics and munitions.

Radnor's origins stretch back to the 1920s and the company has since been a key player in the development of rocket motors in the UK defence sector for the last 40 years. Additional licenses and accreditations also mean that it can act as an explosive factory for the manufacture and storage of munitions and is a Ministry of Defence supplier with a MoD approved training range.more

As well as its position as a provider of MoD services, offering experience from the defence and military perspective, Radnor is also an independent customer-focused organisation, able to deliver to the international defence industry and the wider commercial sector such as oil and gas companies.

Their client customer base includes big names in the defence industry, such as BAE Systems, Rexel, Chemring Defence, SDE, QinetiQ and more.

Testing and Evaluation from Radnor

The testing and evaluation capabilities at Radnor are extensive, with full compliance to international explosives and ordnance standards. The complex also acts as an HSE explosive manufacturing and storage factory site, complete with a demolition test site and a live fire and tactical training area.

Testing capabilities at Radnor also include:

  • Ordnance types, including package and drop tests
  • Fragment attack
  • Armoured vehicle testing
  • Static and dynamic testing of rocket launched projectiles

There are various test sites, such as a valley area of 200m x 50m, where explosives of a maximum of NEQ 50kg HD1.1 can be tested, two enclosed areas for controlled environments and two 20m indoor ranges for ballistic trials. For full analysis of testing there is an array of accompanying facilities, including shelters, preparation rooms, high speed video and conditioning chambers able to store samples across the full NATO operating temperature of -51c to +71c.

Blast and Ballistics Testing

Radnor provides full blast and ballistics testing and evaluation. For analysis of blast trials, ballistic ranges, weapon systems and material testing, there are a range of solutions:

  • 2.5km range for up to 40mm projectiles and aerial counter measures
  • 20m indoor range for up to 20mm cannon
  • Universal receiver that accepts all barrels up to 30mm cannon

These ranges provide an array of testing features such as highly sensitive temperature conditions, velocity measurement, video and the facility to manufacture, store or breakdown munitions. For insensitive munitions, trials can encompass bullet attack, fragment impact, slow heating, ‘fast cook off' fuel fire, safety drops from 12m or greater and sympathetic reaction.

For the testing of fragment attack a facility is provided where trials are undertaken in robust conditions, yet contained and measured within a controlled environment.

Armoured Vehicle Testing and Certification

Radnor's testing, evaluation and certification services also include armoured vehicles. As with all of its testing Radnor provides a wide array of solutions, including:

  • Full vehicle test and certification
  • Manufacture and validation of AT mines and grenades
  • TNT casting
  • Customer invited to witness all trials and tests

These trials are undertaken in a dedicated indoor 20m ballistic facility, with a target bay that accommodates targets of up to 4m by 6m. Other facilities for armoured vehicle testing and accreditation include a concrete test pad for side blast and fragmentation trials, calibrated instrumentation to capture vehicle acceleration, blast over-pressure and AT Hybrid test data and a covered work area for on-site repairs.less


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