Application Security Testing

Quotium Technologies

Quotium Technologies are specialist providers of innovative software solutions, designed to ensure reliable functionality and unbreakable security of business critical applications.

In recent years the popularity of web based applications has steadily grown among businesses due to the ease of use and information exchange. However, with this evolution also comes a whole new range of security vulnerabilities. Cyber-attacks can be extremely costly to businesses as well as harmful to reputations.more

A well protected and highly functional system is paramount, as it ensures productivity and client satisfaction. This is exactly what the Quotium Technologies solutions provide.

Application Security Testing

The SEEKER® software is a result of extensive research and development which still remains a large part of Quotium Technologies activities; in fact 40% of the company's revenue is spent on this area alone.

Securing web applications is a process which requires continuous development because the individuals who pose a threat are always updating their own methods. As cybercrime evolves, software developers should anticipate the risks.

The research and development being conducted at Quotium Technologies allows them to keep up with growing threats, providing a solution which responds quickly and effectively as well as improving accuracy. R&D also allows them to keep one step ahead of the competition.

Securing Web Applications

Quotium Seeker

Quotium Technologies' main product is their application security testing solution, otherwise known as SEEKER®. This product has been created to assist in the development of web based applications by actively seeking out vulnerabilities and showing the developer where these appear in the code.

SEEKER® Identifies Vulnerabilities that pose a real threat to your critical data :

  • Analyzes and correlates flow of data and code at run-time while simulating attacks.
  • Identify logical and complex vulnerabilities not detectable using other technologies.
  • Simulates exploits to verify results
  • Eliminate false positives and assess your application security risks.

SEEKER® gives you relevant instructions for effective remediation:

  • Visualized, concise explanations on how to replay the vulnerability and what need to be fixed in the code
  • Made to be used by non-security specialist

SEEKER® Allows an immediate integration of security in any of your development life cycles.

This process of exploiting specific vulnerabilities is similar to penetration testing, however, SEEKER® analyses the actual data flow within the software rather than code blocks. This form of application security testing means that potential security vulnerabilities can be identified and corrected during the development process rather than after completion, at testing stages.

Quotium Seeker 'thinks' like a developer but has the knowledge of a security professional.

Seeker gives developers and security professionals a clean way to secure applications through the development cycle, resulting in less vulnerability and far fewer false positives during the vulnerability testing cycle by focusing on data flows within the application under development.less


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