PREMIUM RFID card reader for 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz Mifare, DESFire, NFC, ISO14443A

PREMIUM : Multi-format Output Reader for 125 kHz and 13,56 MHz Applications

ProxTech International

ProxTech’s multi-format reader, the PREMIUM, offers the tremendous advantage of having a wide choice of data outputs, all combined into one single reader.

Data outputs can be DIP-switch selected between several clock & data formats, several wiegand formats and even several TTL and RS232 formats. And furthermore, the PREMIUM reader is available in a version for 125 kHz ( EM4102 ) and 13,56 MHz ( Mifare ) technology.

All this, combined with a power supply input ranging from 5Vdc up to 13,6 Vdc and a very nice read range of up to 18 cm for 125 KHz ISO cards and 5 cm for Mifare cards, makes this µPREMIUM one of the most flexible readers on the market.

µPREMIUM readerThe PREMIUM-EM supports EM4102, Hitag 2 Public Mode A, Temic e5550 and equivalents, whereas the PREMIUM-MF can handle Mifare Classic, Mifare UltraLight, Mifare DESFire, NFC and ISO 14443 A transponders.

The reader comes with a very clear LED indication ( 3 colours : green / red / yellow ) and a beeper.

Mounting can’t be made easier. PREMIUM is supplied standard with a base plate so that it can be very easy installed in wall mount or mullion mount. The reader is fully potted so it can be used outdoors just as well as indoors.

This makes the PREMIUM the ultimate reader for all those who need to deal with varying control units where they need to hook up readers to. No longer you need a warehouse full of different reader types. Now finally one reader does it all.

But also system manufacturers are interested by the extremely sharp cost price and the beautiful design of this reader.

It has always been our main goal to offer our customers the top quality products for the best possible price. Therefore we offer these PREMIUM readers at extremely sharp prices.

Some features:

  • Superb qualityProxTech readers are based on a long proven experience and technology. We strive to give total satisfaction to the end-users.
  • Top design¨ PREMIUM is beautifully designed to blend in perfectly in every architectural atmosphere.
  • 125 kHz as well as 13.56 MHzPREMIUM is available for both 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz applications.
  • Top technology offers maximum read ranges Using the most modern high-tech, PREMIUM offers the user a comfortable read range of up to 18 cm for 125 kHz applications and 8 cm on 13,56 MHz.
  • Attractive price setting The PREMIUM readers are offered at very attractive prices bringing proximity technology within everyone’s reach.

Technical characteristics:

  • Dimensions: 89 x 45 x 16 mm
  • Interface: multi-format ( DIP-switch selectable ). Not less than 13 Wiegand, Clock&Data, TTL or RS232 outputs built-in
  • Available for 125 kHz and 13,56 MHz applications
  • Power supply: 5 to 13,6 Vdc
  • Read distance up to 180 mm on 125 kHz ( 80 mm for 13,56 MHz )
  • Supplied complete with base plate for easy installation
  • Top cover can be personalised to conform with your own specifications
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