MULTI-ISO Readers Open New RFID Possibilities

ProxTech International

ProxTech, as a leading RFID manufacturer, is proud to announce the upcoming release of their latest range of products for the 13.56 MHz RFID market.

ProxTech has developed these new readers and reader modules with a focus on multi-technology and flexibility, as well as ensuring the compatibility with existing systems and hardware.

New Multi-ISO Card Readers


The multi-ISO range of card readers provides therefore a wide platform of different 13.56 MHz technologies, offering compatibility with several ISO14443 A&B and ISO15693 technologies, such as Mifare® (1k, 4k, Ultralight, Plus), Mifare DESFire®, Legic® Prime, Legic® Advant, Infineon®, Tag-It®, Sony Felica®, HID iClass®, etc. Also selected tag types compatible with ISO18092/NFC are supported by these readers.

These features take the new readers and reader modules way further than the traditional access control and time registration applications. Public transportation, secure printing, cashless vending, automation and banking applications are just a few of many exciting fields and domains where these products find their applications.

PIN-code Keypad

With an eye on system integration and compatibility, these new readers and modules are available with a wide choice of different traditional interfaces, such as USB, serial, wiegand, clock/data, ... . But also some new features have been added, as these readers and modules can also be supplied in a transparent mode. With this feature, the user's own hardware processor can take direct control over the reader chip and handle the entire read procedure. This allows for easy and direct implementation of the reader in the user's hardware, without the need for complex integration of data that is not 100% up to the wanted standard. Now you easily define yourself how the reader must react and data be transferred, since you control the reader processor yourself.

Where in old days the choice of the reader type was mainly determined by the tag type that the end-user had, this now belongs to the past. System integrators and end-users can now freely select the tag type they prefer and can thus discover new and supplier-independent markets.

Multi-ISO Reader Modules

ProxTech's new series of multi-ISO readers consists of wall-mount (MCR), mullion-mount (MINI) card readers and desktop (MULTITOP) card readers. Soon there will be also a flush-mount version (NOVA) available.

For some markets and/or application, the presence of an additional PIN-code keypad can be either an absolute requirement or a very useful extra. ProxTech has acknowledged these advantages and offers for both MCR and MINI reader types also the possibility of an additional keypad, integrated with the reader.

Besides the readers, ProxTech also offers small and interesting multi-ISO reader modules for easy integration into existing or new hardware. Offering all the features of their big brothers, the modules combine all these features with extreme small dimensions.

ProxTech is very proud on their newborns. "RFID products from ProxTech have been successfully installed all over the globe in numerous different applications, such as access control, ticketing, automation and time & attendance. With these new readers and reader modules, we are now more than ever convinced that our products will soon find their way also in new domains where RFID is rapidly becoming the standard."

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