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COMPACT-ISO: a small-sized multi-ISO RFID/NFC module

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COMPACT-ISO: a small-sized multi-ISO RFID/NFC module


ProxTech International has released its latest development in NFC/RFID read-/write systems : the COMPACT-ISO modules.

With the newest terminals on the market becoming smaller by the minute, space has become a very important criterion when selecting the best suited integration module for RFID applications.

Also the RFID technology by the module has won on importance. Since many end-users ae already making use of RFID for various applications, it is clear that they will be very reluctant to throw all their existing tags out to have them replaced by other ones, simply because your new terminal is not supporting their tags.

COMPACT-ISO is bringing a solution for both these issues !

The multi-ISO COMPACT module is a modern 13.56 MHz RFID module, supporting simultaneously ISO14443A, ISO15693 and NFC technologies and is extremely small sized : 30,5 x 25,5 x 3,8 mm.

COMPACT-ISO is developed with special attention for highest technical integration flexibility (e.g.: 3,3 Vdc to 5,0 Vdc) and UART or USB interface for data output.

This extremely versatile and small-sized 13.56 MHz RFID module can thus easily be integrated in different applications such as time & attendance terminals, POS systems, vending machines, handheld and desktop readers, …



  • Supported RFID technologies :
    • ISO14443A, such as :
    • CTC 4096-MP410 (Legic Advant)
    • ATC 4096-MP311 (Legic Advant)
    • Mifare Classic S50 & S70
    • Mifare Desfire EV1
    • Mifare Ultralight (NXP Mifare Ultralight C) SCC-MFULI
    • ISO15693, such as :
    • I Code SLI
    • ATC 1024-MP100 (Legic Advant)
    • NFC, such as : NFC/NATG 203 (ISO18092)
    • Sony Felica (ISO18092)
    • Note : above list is not limiting but just examples.
  • Dimensions : 30,48 x 25,40 x 3,81 mm
  • Weight : +/- 4 g
  • Operating temperature : -20°C to +75°C
  • Power supply : 3,3 to 5,0 Vdc
  • Frequency : 13.56 MHz
  • RF power :
    • Typ : 0,3 W (dynamic power regulation)
    • Max : 1,25 W

 For more details, please refer to www.proxtech.com/products/modules


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