13.56 MHz MULTITOP LEGIC PC/SC Card Reader

ProxTech International

ProxTech International presented its new MULTITOP LEGIC PC/SC reader at the end of June. The integrated standard PC/SC Interface for LEGIC prime and LEGIC advant transponder chips makes this reader a one-of-a-kind.



With the new MULTITOP LEGIC PC/SC reader, without any further effort, every application - be it for access control, time & attendance or cashless payment - will be able to access the proprietary file system of LEGIC advant and LEGIC prime if using the unique ID according to PCSC 2.01. The PC/SC reader driver offers a transparent channel which enables the full functional range of LEGIC advant and LEGIC prime.

The new MULTITOP LEGIC PC/SC product impresses because of its modern design and by needing almost no integration effort. Additionally to transponder chips of the LEGIC prime and LEGIC advant family, other 13,56 MHz transponders can be used if the necessary configuration settings are implemented, for example chips of the MIFARE family.

The new MULTITOP LEGIC PC/SC Reader is designed as a desktop device in a slim black or white coloured housing or as an integration module for integration in terminals.

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