Black Hornet Military Use

The UK Will Bring the Black Hornet Into the MOD's Core Equipment Program

Prox Dynamics

Alongside the Desert Hawk 3 from Lockheed Martin, the MOD has brought Prox Dynamic's Black Hornet into its core equipment programme and will be used to protect troops in Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Defence has signed contracts worth £23m to ensure that British troops in Afghanistan are supported in their reconnaissance and surveillance by both the Black Hornet and Desert Hawk 3 systems from Prox Dynamics and Lockheed Martin.

A Significant Milestone 

The Defence Minister Philip Dunne praised the introduction of the Black Hornet to British Army maneuvers as being a “significant milestone in the development of our unmanned aerial systems” pointing out that the British Armed Forces were ”the first nation to use a rapidly deployable 'nano' UAS solution.”

“Unmanned and remotely-piloted air systems are increasingly important in today’s operational environment and our protected Defence budget and £160 billion equipment plan has allowed us to bring both Black Hornet and Desert Hawk into our core programme.”

World Class Capability 

Chief of Materiel (Air) at the MOD’s Defence Equipment and Support Organisation, Air Marshal Simon Bollom, said: 

“This is a world-class capability and tremendous asset providing local situational awareness to troops on the ground. Therefore, bringing these proven systems into core will provide our Armed Forces with an invaluable addition to their surveillance and intelligence gathering operations.”


Support for the Black Hornet will be provided from Marlborough Communications Ltd as they recently signed a contract with MOD through to its Out of Service date in 2017. Conversely, Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Training will provide continued support for the Desert Hawk 3 programme.

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