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Prox Dynamics Will Deliver Black Hornet 2 Nano UAVs to Norwegian Armed Forces

Prox Dynamics

Norwegian Defence Logistics Organization

Prox Dynamics has signed a contract with the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organization (NDLO) for the delivery of Black Hornet 2 Nano Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The end user is the Norwegian Armed Forces. Prox Dynamics and NDLO have also signed a contract for Logistical Support of the Black Hornet 2.

The Norwegian Armed Forces have been instrumental in developing the Black Hornet 2 Personal Reconnaissance System (PRS) and is one of the first countries to purchase the latest version of Black Hornet including the full night capability.

This is the first contract between the NDLO and Prox Dynamics and it supports the implementation of the Black Hornet 2 in the setup of the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Covert Operations

The initial contract is valued at app. MNOK 27, and the production of Black Hornet 2 will start immediately at Eggemoen, Norway. Deliveries are expected to commence in third quarter 2015. Black Hornet 2 is a low weight Personal Reconnaissance System easy to operate for non-specialist operators on a squad level. The system is ideal for covert operations due to its low visual and noise profile.

As of July 2015, Black Hornet have been chosen by over 10 nations and Prox Dynamics continues to be the world’s leading provider of Nano Airborne Reconnaissance and Surveillance systems for professional users.

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