PD-100 PRS; the World’s Smallest Personal Reconnaissance System

Prox Dynamics

Prox Dynamics was founded in 2007. The company's aim is to provide the world's smallest unmanned aircraft system (UAS), perfectly designed for use in a variety of different industries and settings.

Through advancement in micro technologies, Prox Dynamics has been able to design an unmanned aircraft with a rotor span of only 120mm and weighing just 18 grams. This nano aircraft combines micro electronics, modern sensor technology and creative aerodynamics for a truly unique and game changing UAS.more

Personal Reconnaissance & Surveillance System

The small size and modern design of the PD-100 Black Hornet PRS system makes it the ultimate choice for reconnaissance operations across multiple spheres, and particulary lower echelon dismounted combat operations.

Currently, Prox Dynamics supplies the PD-100 Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance & Surveillance System (PRS). This is the first nano unmanned reconnaissance system (NUAS) available, designed for personal use.

The PD-100 is inherently safe, posing no threat to other air vehicles or personnel on the ground. This means the system can be deployed in almost any location without the necessity of prior airspace coordination. It is also practically undetectable beyond close range, both visually and audial.

As a result of its clever design, modern technology and development techniques, the nano unmanned reconnaissance system can be applied to a number of different industries.

Military Personal Reconnaissance & Surveillance System

The PD-100's compact pocket size and operational readiness provides soldiers with a military personal reconnaissance system that can change the fight forever.

Deployed in less than 2 minutes, the system provides immediate situation awareness in the form of real-time video and snapshot capabilities. Its low noise and small size ensures covertness while its weight means it can be easily incorporated into existing equipment kits, hereunder a standard military Cargo Pocket

Law Enforcement Personal Reconnaissance & Surveillance System

Due to its inherent safety the personal reconnaissance system is also a great tool for use in law enforcement operations. Easy to navigate due to the in-built GPS and internal sensors, the system can survey a large area quickly and concisely, reducing the need for personnel deployment.

Unmanned Search & Rescue Reconnaissance

In addition to military operations and law enforcement the PD-100 PRS can also be deployed for unmanned search & rescue reconnaissance.

It is the ideal tool for first responders, able to provide motion video within two minutes of launch and small enough to fit in tight spaces that are otherwise inaccessible. This considerably speeds up response times and could potentially save lives.

For more information, or to purchase the world's smallest unmanned reconnaissance system, contact Prox Dynamics today.less


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