The New Sub-Zero Tamper Evident Label from Protectaseal

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Sub-Zero Tamper Evident Label

Protectaseal have launched a brand new tamper evident label solution, specifically designed for use in sub-zero temperatures.

In many industries, products are needed to be both stored and transported at temperatures below the normal ranges. This, however, does not eliminate the necessity for a working security solution.

While most industries can count on the more conventional forms of tamper evident labels, those operating within the confines of sub-zero temperatures cannot rely on these solutions. This is because, when taken below -5ºC, most traditional adhesives will no longer stick.

Sub-Zero Tamper Evident Label

In response to this, Protectaseal have launched the brand new, Sub-Zero Tamper Evident Label.

These labels have been independently tested and are able to adhere to all suitable surfaces at temperatures ranging down to -20ºC. As a result, those wishing to store or transport goods at sub-zero temperatures can be assured of their stocks security regardless of the conditions in which they are kept.

The labels are manufactured from 36 micron PET and can be supplied in both label stock or die cut label format. Visually, the labels are currently available in either red or blue, with a generic mirror void security message and will withstand any over printing.

With a shelf life of up to 36 months and an optimum operating temperature of between -5ºC and -20ºC, the sub-zero labels are an ideal alternative to conventional tamper event labels.

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