Security Labels for Sensitive Items

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Security labels from Protectaseal are used in a range of industries for a variety of applications, however the overall focus is the security and protection of each item.

For manufacturers and suppliers the authenticity and integrity of the product is paramount, security labels help to protect this. During high profile events security is a main concern and Protectaseal labels provide an easy solution to the search and seal operations performed.

Security Labels for Sensitive Items

Different Industries that benefit from Security Labels

Cash-in-Transit Security Labels

Security labels can be used in many different situations and practices, the list of industries is more extensive than people may expect.

Specialist authorities including the police, hospitals and prison facilities use security labels to secure doors and certain areas from unauthorised access. The design of the labels ensures any breach is evident. The labels can even be used on crime scenes where access by any unauthorised person can be disastrous.

The packaging and pharmaceutical industries benefit from the use of security labels to deter fraud and protect products from theft.

In the aviation industry security labels are used as aircraft door seals assuring security has not been compromised. Luggage seals and duty free use security labels as a quick and cost effective solution.

Other uses include:

  • ballot boxes between the period of polling and counting to keep votes secure.
  • DVD/CD piracy
  • Barcoding further improves the security of these labels and in the case of piracy protection this is invaluable.

Finance Industries Using Tamper Evident Tape

  • Cash in Transit, credit cards and documents
Security Labels for Sensitive Items

When transporting these items, theft and fraud are an ever growing concern. As a result, Protectaseal offer Protectatape and Proteactbase which can be applied to flexible plastic bags. These have been designed to withstand any of the known attack methods guaranteeing the contents stay safe.

  • Safes, deposit boxes, filling cabinets and data.

Tamper evident labels offer a solution to data protection by restricting access to source data and stopping any information from being opened or copied. Valuable items in safes, deposit boxes and filling cabinets are protected in a similar way using tamper evident labels which deter against theft and fraud.

Additional features including encryption, barcodes and RFID technology will further increase security.

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