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Security Tape from Protectaseal

Protectaseal are market leaders in the manufacture of high quality pressure sensitive and tamper evident security tapes, labelstock and customised labels. They are different from many competitors because their products are manufactured wholly in-house.


Protectseal constructs a product for your application by selecting the most appropriate surface coating, film, tamper evident system, adhesive and liner, which meet the standards required. Their product and manufacturing processes have been designed and developed specifically to improve the integrity and security of your products.

Companies no longer need to shop around for a specific adhesive or security feature! Protectaseal can offer a wide range of products, including:

  • Tamper evident tapes for your cash in transit, duty free, evidence, high security envelopes or safe bags
  • Tamper evident packaging tapes for those high value consignments, air freight packages and supply chain peace of mind
  • Tamper evident labels that will work on every conceivable substrate or surface and improve traceability, awareness whilst simultaneously reducing the risk of fraud, diversion and piracy

With both in house pressure sensitive acrylic and hot melt adhesive technologies, Protectaseal can offer you a range of adhesives which meet which meet a variety of needs, including:

  • A non-residue adhesive that will leave little or no residue when removed from solid surfaces where re-use is essential, whilst still showing evidence of tampering through a highly visual VOID message
  • A permanent or partial transfer adhesive that will stick to most substrates and when removed will still show evidence through a highly visual VOID message, but leave an adhesive residue and VOID message on the surface
  • A dry peel or total transfer adhesive that will stick to most substrates but ideal for paper and other fibrous surfaces. When removed it will leave a full VOID message on the surface without the stickiness

Tamper Evident Tape From Protectaseal

With the range of tamper evident VOID processes, Protectaseal have a product which is capable of beating known methods of tampering, meaning the product is capable of withstanding:

  • Dry heat up to temperatures of 95 degrees Celsius
  • Freezing down to temperatures of minus 30 degrees Celsius
  • Readily available solvents, petroleum, diesel and oils
  • Steam and water vapour manipulation

Additional security features can be included if required, in order to further enhance the VOID message system that comes with every Protectaseal tamper evident tape or label. The following features can be incorporated into the product to meet your specific requirements:

  • High temperature thermo chromic inks that will change to the colour that you want at the temperature range that your product requires
  • Water soluble inks in the colour that you require
  • Taggent technology for tracking and traceability of your products
  • Overt and covert UV ink features
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