Medical Packaging - Injection Therapy

RPC Promens Medical Packaging

Our know how and support gives you as a customer a easy, cost efficient and safe way to introduce your injectable medicines to the market. The design and high quality offers a cost reducing alternative to injection bottles made of glass.

The significant reduction of weight and volume compared with glass products will mean substantially lower costs of storage and distribution. The vials are packed in our Clean Room Class C and do not require washing before filling - another cost reduction incitement.

Injection Therapy PackagingInjection Therapy PackagingInjection Therapy Packaging

With vials of PP and PE, the risk of breakage, cracking and the problems caused by the resulting glass particles are completely eliminated. Patients, nurses and doctors are protected against harmful products. Promens vials can be used for a large number of pharmaceutical products because they have insignificant water permeability and the surface is resistant to most liquids.

Therefore, if you are looking for cost savings and find it imperative to protect the end user, Promens vials are the obvious choice.

The production of vials is carried out in accordance with GMP regulations, where hygiene is strictly observed. Prior to production the plastic granulates are tested chemically and biologically to the European Pharmacopoeia. Promens Medical Packaging is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified and offer production in Clean Room Class C (10.000).


Main uses: Injection therapy
Range of capacities: 2 - 1000 ml
Materials used: PP, HDPE
Other services: Design, 3D CAD, models and product registration assistance
Decoration options: None
Lead time: Standard products = 6-8 weeks
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