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Infusion Therapy PackagingInfusion Therapy Packaging

Liquid therapy is an essential element in treatment and healthcare in the hospital and healthcare sector. By choosing our containers you will have a cost efficient and modern primary packaging, which you, as filler will receive empty, deflated and sealed. The empty container can be filled without pre-wash due to production with sterile filtered air, and it can be incinerated after use.

The production of infusion containers is carried out in accordance with GMP regulations, where hygiene is strictly observed. Prior to production the plastic granulates are tested chemically and biologically to the European Pharmacopoeia. Promens Medical Packaging is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified and offers production in Clean Room Class C (10.000).



Main uses: Infusion therapy
Range of capacities: 100 - 3000ml
Materials used: PP, LDPE
Other services: Design, 3D CAD, models and product registration assistance
Decoration options: None
Lead time: Standard products = 6-8 weeks

Infusion Therapy Packaging

Infusion Therapy Packaging

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