Medical Packaging - Various Bottles for Medicine and Nutrition

RPC Promens Medical Packaging

Our quality system and high standard of hygiene in plastic production is the key root for the outstanding products we can offer our customers.

Whether it is highly specified customised products or our standard ranges of bottles, our customers are always guarantied the highest level of service and value for money when they purchase at Promens.

This includes product development support, product registration service and access to our knowledge database. So if you are looking for a unique solution or simply a solution within our standard range, please contact us and let us help you, taking your product further.

Promens Medical Packaging A/S can offer bottles manufactured by injection blow moulding, extrusion blow moulding and co-extrusion (multi-layer bottles with barriers).

ISO 9001 Certification

The production of Promens bottles is carried out in accordance with GMP regulations, where hygiene is strictly observed. Promens Medical Packaging is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified and offers production in Clean Room Class C (10.000).

Apart from the products of Promens Medical Packaging, Promens offers a wide range of bottles for many purposes.


Main uses: Medical and nutrition solutions
Range of capacities: 5ml - 1000ml
Materials used: PP, PE, LDPE
Other services: Design, 3D CAD, models and product registration assistance
Decoration options: Sleeving, labelling
Lead time: 8-10 weeks
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