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Armed Forces International interviewed Eleonora of FAE Group, whose forestry equipment is world renowned, to understand the history of their D:Mine equipment, and why it is so well used across a variety of countries.

PrimeTech D:Mine Equipment Interview

Who are FAE Group?

We are an Italian based enterprise group which designs and manufactures professional forestry machinery of the highest quality and technical standards. The division FAE designs and builds professional forestry mulchers that can be mounted on tractors, on excavators, on skid loaders and on specially built carriers. All these machines are suitable for shredding plant residues, for forest reclamation, gravel road construction and maintenance, land reclamation and ground stabilization. FAE Group's second brand, PrimeTech, specialises in the design and manufacturing of purpose-built, dedicated carriers (prime movers) for forestry, agricultural and construction applications. The product range consists of 4 models:the PT-175 with 160 HP, the PT-300 with 275 HP, the PT-400 with 415 HP and the PT-600 with 600 HP. All models stand for high productivity and best in class ground pressure.

When and why did they enter the demining industry?

FAE Group, present in Croatia for years with FAE machines in the forestry and road construction/maintenance sectors, began to engage with the world of demining in the early 2000s. After intensive research and development, the first units of demining tillers were presented in Sibenik, during the yearly Humanitarian Demining Symposium. But it was the PT-400, equipped with the demining tiller FAE 500 TD that helped FAE in it's first steps in the world of demining. Tornado D.O.O. - one of the leading Croatian companies in the field of humanitarian demining - were impressed with the performance of the PT-400 D:MINE during field-tests in Sibenik and decided to purchase. To this day, the PT-400 D:MINE has cleared over 3 million m2 in Croatia while PrimeTech has continued an extensive research and development in the field of mine clearance, adapting their top vehicle, the PT-300 with 275 HP, to the remediation of mined areas. Like the PT-400 D:Mine, the PT-300 D:Mine - remote controlled tracked carrier within a range of 1000 meters -  has been reinforced with unique steel and equipped with demining head that impacts the ground, causing detonation of the mines due to milling.
Both PrimeTech vehicles are certified by Croatian Mine Action Centre -  Centre for Testing, Development and Training Ltd, in accordance with the CWA-15044:2009 standards for the "test and evaluation of demining machines".

How does their experience in the Forestry Sector and in Earthmoving inform their current products?

Our prime movers are working in different fields of applications throughout the world: from Siberia to Brazil, from Indonesia to Canada, they are used in both harsh weather and dangerous working conditions. This is possible because our tracked carriers have 3 very important advantages over similar models in the international market by:

  1. Guaranteeing the lowest possible pressure to the ground: The low ground pressure, together with the perfect distribution of mass and the long, oscillating undercarriage, capable of adapting to different conformations of the ground, make the PrimeTech carriers suitable for operating on very uneven and mountainous zones. They are without equal in mulching and land clearing operations in wet and marshy zones as well as in muskeg. They adapt well to working on soft agricultural terrain and guarantee an excellent performance on road works.
  2. Using only the best components and materials: Strict requirements have been set in the development of each model and front attachment: intensive use in the most severe working conditions, high performance, the lowest maintenance requirements and effective environmental protection.
  3. Giving the customers the possibility to have our prime movers configured exactly according to the their needs and requirements: This makes sure the customers get the maximum productivity and performance out of their PrimeTech unit and get a faster return on investment.

What are the key features of Primetech and FAE's after sales support?

Product support is guaranteed at worldwide level through the 5 branches of the FAE Group present in Canada, USA, Germany, France and Australia - and thanks to a network of dealers covering almost all countries. The main components of PrimeTech vehicles are easy to find because they are supplied by prestigious brands (John Deere, CAT, Sauer Danfoss, Parker, Berco etc.) that are known throughout the world and are present with their own service and support network that also guarantees parts availability worldwide.

How do Primetech and FAE cater for training and customised support programmes?

FAE Group provides constant training and support, not only upon delivery of units, but also thereafter. For example this year PrimeTech delivered 4 units PT-400 to Africa, agreeing with the customer a special training and support program to provide continuous support during the whole first year of operation.

What key points set PrimeTech apart from other demining suppliers?

We've already spoken about technical support and certifications. Other advantages of PrimeTech tracked vehicles are:

  1. High Reliability and Proven Design: PrimeTech vehicles are working in different fields of applications throughout the world: from Siberia to Brazil, from Indonesia to Canada, they are used in both harsh weather and dangerous working conditions.Thanks to the proven design, PrimeTech vehicles stand for high reliability and reduced downtime.The easy access to the main components of the PT tracked vehicles reduces the time and cost of maintenance.
  2. Unmatched Versatility: Thanks to a variety of heads available, specifically designed by FAE for use in different fields, ALL the PrimeTech tracked carriers are extremely versatile vehicles. There are in fact many other possible uses besides demining:

    • Applications for Forestry Mulchers: Activities of deforestation and land clearing, land preparation for construction projects (roads, railways, power lines, pipelines, etc.) and creating fire suppression lines and for fire prevention activities.

    • Applications for Stone Crusher Head: Milling of asphalt and rock for road construction and construction and maintenance of gravel and forest roads.

    • Applications for Forestry Tiller/Sub-Soiler: Stabilization of the soil for the construction of roads: for mixing the soil with the binders (lime or cement) that were previously scattered and milling stumps and roots to prepare the ground for subsequent crops.

  3. Value and ROI: Their great versatility of use, and the considerable number of vehicles produced each year allows PrimeTech to purchase components in large amounts and consequently, to reduce the unit cost of production without sacrificing the use of high quality components.

For more information on how PrimeTech's D:Mine machines can be utilised, please contact PrimeTech using the form below.

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