Prime Tech Demining Machines Now Available to British Armed Forces

Prime Tech

PrimeTech is the established defence arm of the FAE group, which has over 20 years experience in the design, development and manufacture of advanced Demining Machines for the Armed Forces. Its PT D:Mine series of machines are proven to withstand blasts from anti-tank mines (approximately 7Kg worth of explosives) and have been certified by the Croatian Mine Action Centre to CWA 15044:2009 standards.

In use all over the world; from Brazil to Siberia, the machines are operated in some of the most dangerous and harsh conditions. PrimeTech machines benefit from increased endurance and reduced downtime. The design of the PT D:Mine vehicles provides easy access to interior systems - the track-based drive system limits the cost and time required for maintenance. Prime Tech systems offer some of the greatest versatility on today's market and at excellent value for money.

PT300 Demining Vehicle

Demining Machines


The PT-300 D:MINE is a demining machine designed for clearing anti-tank and anti personnel mines in some of the most challenging circumstances. The unit is powered by a tried and tested 6-cylinder John Deere engine, delivering an impressive 275 HP. Better yet, all this power is operated by remote control at a range of 1000m, keeping personnel out of harm's way.

Demining MachinesTrack-Based-Demining-Machines

When the terrain is at its most severe, the PT-300's rugged steal structure ensures that the vehicle pushes on with the upmost dependability. The vehicle is equipped with the newly developed FAE 300/TD tiller, which mills earth at incredible speeds to make areas safe and free from land mines.The tiller, designed to be resistant to blasts and to protect the machine from damage, works at a depth of 250mm and ensures that mine clearance operations are thorough.


The heaviest class of demeaning machine, Prime Tech's PT-400 D:MINE offers unrivalled power, precision and endurance. As the ideal choice for military forces working in the world's most hostile regions, the machine works on virtually all terrains, including those with an incline, vegetation and rocky ground.

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As a result of its patented and proven structure, the machine stands up to intense detonations from anti-tank/personnel buried ordinance, using its 415HP CAT engine to power through blasts and make areas safe.

The PT-400 is more versatile than most other demining machines, offering serval different attachments, so that users can adapt the technology according to the scenario. The unit can be adapted for road, agriculture and forestry operations, so you can be sure than no terrain will pose a challenge for the equipment!

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