5 Reasons You Should Choose a PrimeTech Mine Clearing Vehicle

Prime Tech

In the battle against IEDs and buried ordinance, PrimeTech provides the very latest armoured mine clearing vehicles for the armed forces globally. PrimeTech's unique mine clearance platforms thoroughly mill earth and can even operate through thick vegetation to make areas safe. Two vehicles are available, the PT-300 D: Mine and PT-400 D: Mine, each equipped to handle a range of scenarios.

Mine Clearing Machines

Mine Clearing Vehicles

1. Having a guarantee of the best quality / price ratio.

For their great versatility of use, the considerable number of vehicles produced each year allows PrimeTech to purchase the components in large amounts and consequently, to reduce the unit cost of production. That is why PrimeTech can afford to offer their vehicles at competitive prices without sacrificing the use of high quality components.

Mine Clearing VehicleMine Clearing Machine

2. Make a certified quality choice

The resistance of both the PT D:Mine vehicles against anti-personnel and anti-tank mines (up to 7 kg of explosives), has been tested and certified by CROMAC (Croatian Mine Action Centre), in accordance with the CWA 15044:2009 standards.

3. Being able to count on the reliability of tested vehicles.

PrimeTech vehicles are working in different fields of applications throughout the world: From Siberia to Brazil, from Indonesia to Canada, they are used in both harsh weather and dangerous working conditions. Thanks to their functional design, which have been designed and tested to withstand even the most extreme working conditions, PrimeTech vehicles guarantee great reliability and minimize downtime situations. Easy access to the main PT track components greatly reduces the time and cost of maintenance.

4. A guarantee of international technical assistance and availability of original parts.

Technical assistance is guaranteed at worldwide level through the 5 branches of the FAE Group present in Canada, USA, Germany, France and Australia - and thanks to a network of dealers covering almost all countries.

The main components of PrimeTech vehicles are easy to find because they are supplied by prestigious brands (John Deere, CAT, Sauer Danfoss, Parker, Berco etc.) that are known throughout the world and are present with their own service network that guarantees the worldwide availability of original parts.

Mine Clearance Vehicle FoliageMine Clearance Vehicle

5. Extremely versatile vehicles at your disposal.

Thanks to the special head application, PrimeTech vehicles may also be employed for uses other than that of demining..

Applications with stone crusher head

  • Milling of asphalt and rock for road construction
  • Construction and maintenance of gravel and forest roads

Applications with forestry mulcher

  • Activities of deforestation and logging, land preparation for the start of construction projects (roads, railways, power lines, pipelines, etc.).
  • Creating flame trap lines and fire prevention activities

Applications with forestry tiller/ subsoiler:

  • Stabilization of the soil for the construction of roads: for mixing the soil with the binders (lime or cement) that were previously scattered
  • Milling stumps and roots to prepare the ground of subsequent crops.

In these years of activity, FAE Group has achieved a level of technical expertise that allow it to realize increasingly diverse projects and invest in research and development of new applications ... but always keeping an easily recognizable style that is reflected in the functional design and certifiable quality

For more information or for a free quote, enquire below to see how Prime Tech Can support your armed forces.

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