The LP Series of Balers from Presona

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Presona design and manufacture a range of recycling balers, featuring their unique prepress technology, for use in the a variety of operational facilities.

Among Presona's range of balers is the LP Series. Heavy duty by design, these units are suited to the professional baling industry due to its demands for a higher level of reliability and fully automatic operation. Capacity within this series ranges from 4 to more than 50 tonnes per hour which means there is always a model to suit each customer's requirements.

The balers are able to manage a wide range of materials and the collection of available accessories allows each system to be adapted to meet the specific needs of a particular business. The strapping system reliably secures these bales using five vertical wires and controlled knot placement. An additional horizontal strapping unit can be used for expandable materials.

Each of the low energy models will produce a bale measuring 1100mm wide with a height of 720, 750 or 1100mm and length of up to 2.5 meters.

LP Series Baler Models

LP Series OH Model

There are six basic models within the LP Series with the letters referencing the the size of the feed opening. The models are suited to particular areas of operation but can all be supplied with larger, or doubled up, motors for customers requiring higher output.

Presona LP 40 OH
The OH model within the LP Series effectively handles waste paper making it perfect for use in the packaging and printing industry. The hydraulic horizontal baler is compactly designed with curved strapping needles on the tying device helping to save space and making it perfect for clients who require a less intrusive system.

With a motor control centre complete with fuses and switches there is no need for expensive electrical installations and the system can be simply connected to the mains supply. Further cost savings are made through its low energy consumption and reduced wire costs thanks to the pulling system keeping ends short and eliminating excess wastage.

The LP 40 OH balers have a capacity of 10 tonnes per hour.

Presona EH, VH and CH Models
Each of these models use Presona's innovative prepress technology which compresses material downward for optimal filling of the chamber and elimination of surplus material cut off. This helps to reduce stoppages while at the same time optimising performance and reducing wear.

The Presona LP Series CH ModelLP 50 VH Presona LP Series

The balers all operate with very low energy consumption & noise and are simple to run allowing for easy integration into a organisations performance. A wide range of materials are handled by the EH, VH and CH models which includes plastic foil, aluminium, tin cans and PET-bottles to name but a few.

The models are able to operate with a capacity of up to 50 tonnes per hour and Presona's range of accessories can be used to customise the units for a customers specific requirements


LP Series XH Model

Presona DH and XH Models
The DH and XH models are designed with Presona's two-step prepress system which accommodates a 2200mm feed opening and are perfect for high production capacity requirements. The LP XH model is capable of producing 210 tons of press force and both balers are able to process up to 800 cbm per hour.

Materials handled by these models include cardboard, paper, PET, HDPE, house hold waste as well as shredded industrials wast and the high capacity does not effect the low energy consumption of the system.

The LP Series

All balers within the LP Series are manufactured to CE regulations with safety gates, panels and large inspection doors. Every moving part is covered and there are emergency stop buttons spread across each system.

Presona do not just manufacture the LP Series Balers, they also provide a complete and quality service to their customers from the initial design, through installation to the final training of staff. The baler will also be accompanied by a comprehensive documentation to follow on from the initial training and help ensure a smooth process of operation.

Continued support for the Presonal LP Series baler is also on hand helping to solve any issues that may arise and provide any necessary spare parts. Signing a contract with Presona does not just supply a customer with the baler, but also the reliability and efficiency they require.

For more information see the Presona Baling Technology PDF or contact the company today.

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